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The Day Before Zombie Survival MMORPG Files Trademark Application for New Title

After being pulled from Steam due to trademark issues surrounding its original title, Fntastic’s zombie survival MMORPG, The Day Before, seems to be making a comeback. The developer has filed a trademark application for a new name in an effort to resolve the trademark dispute.

The Day Before, an online zombie game currently in development for PC, has faced controversy not only for its marketing but also for its choice of name. It was discovered that there was already a calendar app named TheDayBefore, which had been in existence since 2010. Fntastic had been working on the game without acquiring the rights to the title, causing the trademark owner to take action and resulting in the game being removed from Steam.

Now, Fntastic, in collaboration with publisher Mytona, has filed a trademark application for a new name: ‘Dayworld'. While this new name may not have the same dramatic effect as The Day Before, it is a step towards the game's return to Steam. However, there may still be potential issues with the new title, as there is a trilogy of dystopian novels by Philip José Farmer with the same name.

Aside from the trademark and marketing concerns, Fntastic has also faced criticism for advertising unpaid volunteer positions. With multiple delays in the game's release, there is mounting pressure on the team to deliver.

Although The Day Before, or whatever it may be called in the end, is currently slated for a November 10 release, the trademark complications may cause further delays.

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