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The Design Philosophy Behind the Swords in “The Witcher”

The armorers of “The Witcher” have a specific time period in mind when designing the swords for the show. According to Jeffries, the swords are made to look like they were manufactured between the 15th century, specifically between 1400 and 1475. This choice is in line with the aesthetic of the series, which is modeled on this time period.

Choosing a specific time period is important to maintain consistency in the show's aesthetic. The swords not only match each other but also fit the overall period of the series. If a sword designed like it was from the 8th or 18th century were used, it would look out of place.

Jeffries emphasizes that in order to do his job effectively, he has to imagine the reason behind why each character, even background extras, has the weapons and armor they possess. He creates a backstory for each character, which helps inform the design choices for their weapons.

One person who shares Jeffries' enthusiasm for “The Witcher” weapons is Henry Cavill, who portrayed Geralt of Rivia in the series. In a promotional video, Cavill delved into the details of Geralt's different swords, their designs, and their histories and utilities.

It should be noted that Cavill will be leaving “The Witcher” after season 3 and will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth in season 4. Whether Hemsworth will share Jeffries' and Cavill's passion for swords is yet to be seen.

“The Witcher” can be streamed on Netflix.