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The Developer of Only Up Delists Game and Announces New Project

Only Up, a challenging 3D platformer that gained popularity among streamers and VTubers, has been officially delisted by its developer. Similar to Bennett Foddy's Getting Over It, Only Up garnered attention for the frustrating gameplay it offered.

On September 6, the developer made the announcement that the game would be delisted. However, they reassured fans that they have a new project in the works called Kith. In addition to working on Kith, the developer also expressed their intention to pursue further education in game design.

In a statement, the developer, who identified as a solo developer, stated, “I’m a solo developer and this game is my first experience in Gamedev, a game I did for creativity, to test myself, and where I made a lot of mistakes. The game has kept me under a lot of stress all these months. Now I want to put the game behind me.”

The decision to delist Only Up was made by the developer themselves, who mentioned that they needed “peace of mind and healing.” They plan to take a pause and focus on their education, hoping to gain more experience and knowledge in game design. The developer also revealed that their next project, tentatively titled “Kith,” will have a completely different genre and setting, with an emphasis on cinematography. They expressed a desire to work with a small team for this challenging project to enhance their game design skills.

As of September 7, Only Up is no longer available on the Steam store. Fans of the game will have to wait for updates on the developer's new project, Kith.

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