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The Disappointment Surrounding Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s Remastered Maps

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has been highly anticipated by fans worldwide, but the reveal and leaks surrounding the game have dampened their excitement. One aspect that fans were particularly looking forward to was the multiplayer experience. However, leaks suggest that Activision will only be bringing back remastered maps from the previous COD MW2 (2009), which has left players disappointed.

According to reports from Tom Henderson, a reliable source for leaks, all 16 classic maps from COD MW2 will make a return in the upcoming sequel. While some fans are nostalgic and happy about this, others feel let down. The return of classic maps in new titles is typically appreciated, but only when new content is added as well. In the case of Modern Warfare 3, fans were expecting new maps, but the publisher has chosen to release remastered versions of old maps instead. This has led fans to believe that their nostalgia is being exploited for monetary gain.

The lack of extraordinary gameplay changes in Modern Warfare 3 has also contributed to the disappointment. The new title will have improved movement mechanics and a new gear system for perks, but beyond that, there won't be many gameplay changes. Fans feel that the game could have been released as a DLC to its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2, as there isn't enough new content to justify a full-priced sequel.

Furthermore, the pricing of the game has upset fans even more. Activision is charging $70 for Modern Warfare 3, and fans believe it would have been more reasonable to release it as an update to Modern Warfare 2, with a minimal cost for the extended campaign. This has led to comparisons with Overwatch 2, which also faced backlash for its paid campaign that only included three story missions.

Many fans have declared that they will be skipping the purchase of the upcoming COD game, as they find it unjustifiable. They believe that the game could have satisfied them as a major update with a lower price tag for the extended campaign. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Overall, the disappointment surrounding Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3's remastered maps and lack of significant gameplay changes has diminished fans' excitement for the game.