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The Dominance of Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Counterplay Tactics

Steve has emerged as one of the top-performing characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The recent Super Smash Con 2023 tournament showcased the strength of Steve, with one-eighth of the top 64 players utilizing him and a Steve player ultimately taking home the championship.

One notable strategy employed by ZETA|Acola, the winner of Super Smash Con 2023, involved using blocks to hinder the recoveries of opposing fighters. However, MP|RockMan has demonstrated some counterplay techniques to mitigate this tactic.

Interestingly, a glitch has been discovered that allows characters to phase through the stage and bypass the blocks under certain conditions. This unusual occurrence appears to be specific to the Town and City stage, with something peculiar about its slopes.

Furthermore, it has been observed that this glitch has happened in an actual match. Instead of King Dedede, a player using Hero was able to clip through the stage.

Aside from relying on glitches, RockMan has also shared alternative methods to navigate around Steve's blocks. These techniques provide valuable insights for those struggling with Steve's block shenanigans.

Overall, Steve's dominance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has become evident through the tournament results. The emergence of counterplay tactics, both through exploiting glitches and utilizing alternative strategies, adds depth to the gameplay and offers players more options to combat Steve's block-heavy gameplay.