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The Evolution of LCS and Former Gravity Owner’s Reflection

The LCS has undergone significant growth and development since its inception in 2015. Initially, the league was primarily known for its promotion/relegation system, which provided opportunities for teams to rise through the ranks and compete in the LCS. One of these teams was Gravity, which acquired its slot in the league after Curse Academy qualified through the 2015 Expansion Tournament.

In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread on the League of Legends subreddit, former Gravity team owner Davis Vague shared insights into his time as the team's figurehead. Vague discussed various topics, including the team's chemistry, his reflections on mistakes made as a young owner, and the story behind their iconic leather jacket uniforms, which were acquired as a last resort from a small shop in southern California.

During its brief stint in the LCS, Gravity faced criticism regarding Vague's ownership. Acknowledging the validity of the criticism, Vague admitted that he was young and inexperienced at the time and didn't take the role as seriously as he should have. Eventually, he sold the team's slot shortly after their first season.

Being primarily self-funded, Vague empathized with organizations that have had to drop out of the LCS due to financial constraints. He recognized that established organizations have found sustainable ways to remain profitable but acknowledged his own difficulties in achieving the same success.

Notably, prior to his current role as the head coach of Cloud9 in 2022, Nick “LS” De Cesare started his LCS journey with Gravity. Vague briefly discussed his experience with LS, stating that while they spent time together and were initially friendly, they didn't see eye to eye on certain matters.

On a positive note, Vague expressed fond memories of his relationships with players and staff members, such as top laner Hauntzer, coach David “Cop” Roberson, and mid laner Keane. He also mentioned the support and graciousness of Team Liquid owner Steve Arhancet following the sale of the Curse Academy slot to Gravity.

Looking to the present, Vague has no plans to purchase another LCS team and instead focuses on his growth as a streamer while still keeping up with professional League of Legends.