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The Fortnite Icon Series: Ranking the Most Wild Skins

The Fortnite Icon series has become known for its eclectic mix of celebrity skins added to the game. Some of these skins feel like a natural fit, while others come out of left field. Here's a ranking of the Fortnite Icon series skins based on how surprising and wild they are:

  1. Marshmello: As the first-ever in-game concert, Marshmello's inclusion in Fortnite feels less shocking. His mysterious persona and iconic mask blend well with the game's aesthetic.
  2. Major Lazer: Another fitting addition to Fortnite, Major Lazer debuted in season 10 and seamlessly integrated into the game.
  3. Neymar Jr: This one feels random. Neymar Jr's transformation into a robot panther in the Primal season's secret Battle Pass skin left fans puzzled.
  4. Harry Kane: Playing as UK footballer Harry Kane is an unexpected choice, but it adds a unique element to the game.
  5. Mr Beast: While it's not surprising that Mr Beast found his way into the Icon series, playing as an average white man in a hoodie seems unusual. He even has a second skin!
  6. J Balvin: The inclusion of one of the biggest Latin stars in the world, J Balvin, is undeniably wild and adds a cool factor to Fortnite.
  7. Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars: Silk Sonic's appearance in Fortnite raises eyebrows, especially since they didn't account for Bruno Mars' height.
  8. Travis Scott: Travis Scott's presence in Fortnite is unexpected, as he doesn't seem like someone who would willingly appear in a game. Fans are eager for his return to the item shop in the next season.
  9. The Kid LAROI: The inclusion of The Kid LAROI in Fortnite is surprising because it's unclear who actually demanded it. His own cup in the game is beyond belief.
  10. LeBron James: The addition of LeBron James is huge and almost feels unreal. The lion skin is a standout addition.
  11. Ariana Grande: The top spot goes to Ariana Grande, whose inclusion in Fortnite was both exciting and unexpected. Her live event in the game was a memorable experience. Fans still hope for more iconic artists like Lady Gaga to join.

The Fortnite Icon series continues to surprise players with its diverse roster of celebrity skins. From DJs to sports stars and pop icons, these collaborations add an exciting element to the game and keep players entertained.

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– @harrisonjbrock