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The Go-To SMG for Warzone 2 Season 5: ISO 45

In Season 5 of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, the developers made several weapon balancing changes. Among these changes, the Cronen Squall, Lachmann Sub, MX9, Minibak, VEL-46, Fennec, and ISO 45 SMGs received buffs, while the Lachmann Sub and VEL 46 were hit with nerfs.

According to Warzone 2 expert WhosImmortal, the ISO 45 stands out as the best SMG for Season 5. While some players are still using the Lachmann Sub and VEL 46, the ISO 45 has become the go-to choice due to the Lachmann Sub's significant dropoff after 15 meters.

WhosImmortal expected the ISO 45 to be nerfed but since it hasn't been adjusted, it has become the standout option. He believes that currently, there is no reason not to use the ISO 45, making it his top choice for SMGs. However, he also acknowledges that if the ISO 45 becomes too dominant in the meta, it may be adjusted in the future, possibly around Season 5 Reloaded.

Overall, with the weapon balancing changes in Season 5, the ISO 45 has emerged as the standout SMG in Warzone 2. Its effectiveness in close-range fights and lack of nerfs compared to other SMGs make it the go-to choice for many players.