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The Hype Builds for Pokémon GO’s Adventures Abound Season

Pokémon GO players are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Adventures Abound Season, and Niantic is stoking the excitement with a series of teasers on the official Pokémon GO Twitter account.

Over the past three days, the account has released three teasers showcasing Pokémon that are expected to make an appearance in the upcoming season. The first teaser introduced Quaquaval, the Dancing Pokémon, who has already captured the attention of trainers worldwide.

Now, two additional teasers have been unveiled, giving players a sneak peek at two more Pokémon: Floragato and Crocalor.

The first teaser features a grassy backdrop with paw prints, leaves, and a thinking face emoji, leaving players to speculate about the Grass Cat Pokémon, Floragato. This Pokémon is the evolved form of Sprigatito and is known for its distinctive trait – a hard bud of flower that it charges at its opponents.

The second teaser depicts flames, a microphone, and another thinking face emoji, hinting at the fiery Croc Pokémon, Crocalor. This Pokémon is the evolved form of Fuecoco and is sure to bring some intensity to the upcoming season.

With the release of these teasers, trainers are buzzing with excitement and discussing their thoughts on these new additions. Many are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to encounter these Pokémon and add them to their collections.

The Adventures Abound Season promises to be an exciting new chapter in the Pokémon GO journey, with new Pokémon, features, and challenges for players to explore. As the speculation continues, trainers can only wait in anticipation for the official announcement of the season's release.

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