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The Inclusion of Female Players in EAFC 24’s Ultimate Team

Gaming fans around the world eagerly anticipate the release of the latest FIFA game every September, allowing them to play as their favorite football players in various game modes. In recent years, female players have been included in the game, but their representation has often felt tokenistic. However, this is set to change with the upcoming release of EA Sports FC 24.

Previously, female players could only be used in the ‘kick-off' game mode, where players could use international women's teams. In FIFA 23, the Women's Super League was introduced, allowing players to play with heroes from England's premier women's football league. This year, the game mode that has captured the attention of players worldwide, Ultimate Team, will feature female players for the first time.

Ultimate Team allows users to build their dream squads by combining players from different leagues and nations. With the inclusion of female players, players will have even more options to create diverse and exciting teams. Notable female players, such as Sam Kerr and Lucy Bronze, have been prominently featured in the game's marketing materials.

One exciting development in Ultimate Team is the introduction of HERO cards. These cards celebrate players who may not have achieved iconic status but are still important figures in football. Alex Scott, a Lionesses and Arsenal legend, will receive the first-ever Women's HERO card with an impressive 88 overall rating. This addition is expected to increase interest in the Women's game and attract a younger audience.

The inclusion of female players in Ultimate Team is seen as a significant milestone for the game and the Women's game as a whole. By allowing players to create mixed-gender teams, the game promotes inclusivity and fosters interest in women's football. It also provides an opportunity for players to experience and appreciate the skills of female footballers.

Critics may argue that mixed-gender teams are unrealistic in professional football. However, the primary goal of this inclusion is to engage players and spark curiosity about the women's game. It allows young boys and girls to see female players alongside their male counterparts, creating a sense of equality and promoting a more inclusive view of the sport.

Overall, the inclusion of female players in EAFC 24's Ultimate Team is a positive step towards recognizing and celebrating the talent and diversity in football. It opens doors for a new generation of players and fans who can now experience the thrill of playing with their heroes, regardless of gender.

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