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The JGOD Kastov 762 Loadout: A Comprehensive Guide

Call of Duty expert JGOD has once again provided valuable insights into the best assault rifle to use in the game. In his recent YouTube video, JGOD delves into the Kastov 762 loadout that he recommends for the current meta.

JGOD describes the Kastov 762 as an “all around niche” weapon, particularly suitable for trios. One of its key advantages is its fast reload speed, which allows players to quickly re-engage in combat.

To optimize the Kastov 762 loadout, JGOD suggests the following attachments:

– Muzzle: ZLR Talon 5+ for improved vertical and horizontal tuning.
– Barrel: KAS-10 584MM Barrel for enhanced vertical tuning but with slightly reduced horizontal tuning.
– Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56 for improved vertical and horizontal tuning.
– Mag: 45 Round Mag for increased ammunition capacity.
– Optic: AIM OP-V4 for improved vertical and significantly reduced horizontal tuning.

Throughout the video, JGOD compares the Kastov 762 to other assault rifles such as the TAQ V, TAQ 56, RAPP H, Sakin MG38, Cronen Squall, and the popular M13B. These alternate options provide players with solid choices if they are seeking something different from the Kastov 762.

In summary, JGOD recommends the Kastov 762 assault rifle for its versatility and rapid reload speed. By following his suggested loadout, players can optimize the weapon's performance and effectively handle various combat situations.

– JGOD's YouTube video on the Kastov 762 loadout