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The Last Downtime for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3: What to Expect in Chapter 4 Season 4

The Fortnite downtime and update for v26.00 will begin on August 25th, marking the end of Chapter 4 Season 3 and the start of Chapter 4 Season 4. The downtime will commence at 3 am Eastern Time, and the servers will be disabled by 2:30 am Eastern Time. Players in Save The World mode should log off to avoid losing progress and collected resources, while Battle Royale mode players can stay until the end with no repercussions. The estimated duration of the downtime is over four hours, with a completion time of around 7 am Eastern Time.

Epic Games has stated that the update size for Chapter 4 Season 4 will be larger than usual due to it being a new season. Players with slower internet connections may experience a longer download time, but the wait will be worth it for the new content.

In terms of storyline, Chapter 4 Season 4 will introduce a new antagonist named Kado Thorne, a time-traveling vampire who collects things from the past. Khady Lame and several new characters will be featured in the Battle Pass, attempting to stop Kado and carry out an elaborate heist. To aid in their mission, new weapons and items such as the Business Turret, Ram Rocket, and EMP Shield Breaker Grenade have been added to the loot pool, making it easier to break into Vaults.

Additionally, the island will undergo changes with the addition of new Named Locations/POIs, which likely belong to Kado Thorne. These locations may serve as his stronghold and house the artifacts he has collected over the years. Players can also expect the introduction of the Kinetic Blade, Mythics from previous seasons, and a new vehicle to enhance mobility.

Furthermore, Fortnite will collaborate with Star Wars once again, bringing Ahsoka Tano into the metaverse. There may also be a collaboration with My Hero Academia later in the season. The new season of Fortnite promises exciting adventures and content for players to enjoy.

Overall, the last downtime for Chapter 4 Season 3 and the upcoming update for Chapter 4 Season 4 is highly anticipated. Get ready to dive into the new storyline, discover new locations, and experience thrilling gameplay with the addition of fresh weapons, items, and collaborations.

– Epic Games
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