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The Last of Us Showrunners Prepare for Potential Backlash Over Abby Casting

Working on an adaptation of an iconic video game like The Last of Us is no easy feat, but the showrunners have managed to prove themselves with the success of the first season. Now, as they work on the second installment, they are bracing themselves for potential backlash once again, especially with the casting of the character Abby.

Craig Mazin, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, acknowledged that the Internet may not initially accept the casting choice for Abby, just as it did not initially accept the casting of Ellie and Joel. Mazin expects a similar reaction, but he believes that they have made the right choice. He also mentioned that the first major casting announcements for the show were met with skepticism, but ultimately received positive feedback.

Abby, a character who is set to be an antagonist in season 2, is quite different from the typical female characters seen in video games. When the game was released, this fact sparked outrage among a portion of the audience. The show's production team will have to tread carefully with her casting to avoid insensitivity, considering an important plot reason that would be revealed in the show.

While it may be difficult to imagine anyone other than Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Pedro Pascal as Joel, the show's success has shown that they made the right choices for those roles. Now, the question is whether they can do justice to Abby's character and win over the fans once again.

The casting for Abby has already been decided, according to Mazin. It remains to be seen how the Internet will react this time, but the show's creators are confident in their choice. With the first season available for streaming on platforms like MAX and Hulu, fans of The Last of Us can catch up while they eagerly await the second season.