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The Latest Fortnite 26.10 Update: New My Hero Academia Skins, Mythics, and More

The Fortnite Chapter Four, season four is in full swing, and with it comes the highly anticipated Fortnite 26.10 update. This update brings exciting new features for players to enjoy, including the addition of My Hero Academia skins and Mythics, item unvaults, new Augments, and more.

One of the headline additions in the patch is the return of My Hero Academia characters to the game. Players can now rock three new skins inspired by Shoto Todoroki, Mina Ashido, and Eijiro Kirishima from UA High’s Class 1-A. Additionally, there are two Mythics related to My Hero Academia: Deku’s Smash ability from the first wave, and Todoroki’s new Mythic ability to create an ice wall.

Fortnite's Sept. 12 patch also introduces Super Styles for popular skins from the season four battle pass. These special shiny skins are unlocked when players reach level 130 on the pass, adding a unique touch to their appearance. Some of the skins that receive Super Styles this season include Antonia, Fish Thicc, Piper Pace, Mae, and Kado Thorne.

In terms of gameplay enhancements, the update brings two new Augments to the game: Jump Balloon, which grants players a balloon when they jump, and Reckless SMG Reload, which allows SMGs to reload faster when the clip is empty.

The patch also includes some changes to the game's arsenal of weapons. The Mythic Rapid Fire SMG now has an increased clip size of 26, up from the previous 20. On the other hand, the Exotic Heisted Breacher Shotgun's Builds & Environment damage has been nerfed, reducing it from 760 to 255. Lastly, the Scoped Burst SMG now has increased recoil when sliding.

As for unvaults, Deku's Smash makes a return from the Vault, accompanied by the Pizza Party item, which will now provide healing of five HP and 30 Shield per slice consumed. Unfortunately, the Slap Juice has been sent to the Vault for the time being, but there is a possibility it could be reintroduced in future seasons.

The Fortnite 26.10 update offers a range of exciting additions for players to explore. Whether you want to don the new My Hero Academia skins, experience the Super Styles, or take advantage of the new Augments, there is something for everyone in this latest patch.

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