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The League of Legends Developer Blog Addresses Issues with Champion Durability and Role Balance

Riot Games has released a developer blog addressing some of the ongoing concerns regarding champion durability and role balance in the 2023 League of Legends season. In the blog, Riot Phroxzon, a game designer on the Summoner's Rift team, acknowledged that the current state of durability and certain game roles is not entirely satisfactory.

One major issue raised by fans is the durability of champions, which has been a point of contention since the introduction of the “durability patch” last year. The recent midseason item changes have contributed to champions dealing and taking more damage than before. The developer team aims to restore and improve durability over time, particularly for champions with lower defenses.

The health of certain roles, especially top and ADC (Attack Damage Carry), also requires continued attention. While top laners have become more impactful in recent patches, even small changes to their stats or abilities can render them unviable. The developer team plans to address the deficit that top laners face when trying to help other lanes, moving away from the isolated nature of the top lane role.

The bot lane has been overshadowed by the influence of junglers, leading to discussions about the power level of ADCs. The team is considering reducing the power of ADCs to prevent snowballing early leads, but they are cautious about maintaining player satisfaction with the role. The goal is to create healthy metas without compromising the agency and carry fantasies that ADC players enjoy.

However, balancing these issues is challenging due to the interconnected nature of the roles. Adjusting one role can have a ripple effect on others, making it an ongoing battle in a constantly updated game like League of Legends. Riot Games plans to release Patch 13.17 on Aug. 30 to address some of the issues highlighted in the developer update. Players can expect ongoing balance changes throughout the year.

About the author: Ethan Garcia is a freelance writer for Dot Esports and has been with the company for three years.

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