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The Market for VR Content Creation and Marketing Strategies

The market for media content creation in the VR industry is diverse, with segments dedicated to PC, consoles, mobile, and VR platforms. Each segment has its own unique characteristics and challenges. CM Games, a gaming company, successfully engaged with VR creators and influencers to promote their game, Into the Radius, after it left early access on Steam and launched on Quest 2.

The VR market is relatively small compared to PC or consoles, with a limited number of prominent players such as Meta, Valve Index, HTC Vive, Pico, and PlayStationVR. There are also fewer VR content creators, with some focusing on specific games or playing both VR and non-VR games. Collaboration with creators and influencers is possible, but terms may vary.

To build engagement with creators, CM Games initially maintained open communication with the community, actively responding to feedback on platforms like Steam, Discord, and forums. They connected with creators who had already played their game, expressing gratitude, providing keys, and offering assistance. They also reached out to creators who made videos or streamed similar VR games, introducing them to Into the Radius and sharing relevant information. Additionally, they sought opinions on updates and potential features from creators, ensuring transparency and meaningful collaboration.

CM Games adjusted their marketing strategy by working with smaller influencers for paid reviews at a lower cost, as the rates quoted by larger influencers were significantly higher. They also explored both paid and organic marketing options for the launch of Into the Radius on Quest 2. This included partnering with Twitch streamers who were familiar with VR, providing them with a revised version of the game to play for a designated duration. The campaign allowed CM Games to gain different perspectives and uncover areas for improvement.

In conclusion, CM Games' approach to engaging with creators involved maintaining continuous communication, seeking feedback, and forming partnerships for content creation and promotion. By connecting with creators and influencers and adapting their marketing strategies, they successfully expanded their audience and gathered valuable feedback.