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The Mystery Behind the Unconventional Street Fighter 6 Tier List

Former Capcom Cup champion XSET|iDom recently shared a tier list for Street Fighter 6 that left fans scratching their heads. The ranking placed Zangief and Ken in the top tier (S), followed by Marisa and Jamie in the next tier (A), and had E. Honda, Rashid, and Manon at the bottom tier (D).

Without any context provided, Twitter users were left guessing what this tier list represented. Initially, it was unclear if the ranking was based on character performance or if it was related to the game's soundtrack. However, after some investigation, it was discovered that the tier list was actually the result of a level 8 CPU tournament in Street Fighter 6.

In this unique tournament, each character's placement in the tier list was determined by their performance against the AI-controlled opponents. Zangief emerged as the champion, defeating Luke, Juri, Marisa, and Ken to claim the computer crown. The tournament showcased the AI's ability to execute impressive moves, although its decision-making was still far from perfect.

Observing the CPU fighters in action also revealed interesting insights into their preferred strategies. For instance, Ken would save his meter for level 3 Supers, while Zangief and Jamie relied more on level 2 Supers, using others when appropriate.

While the tournament relied solely on AI gameplay, it provided an entertaining spectacle for viewers. The unexpected combo routes and punishes demonstrated by the AI at level 8 were intriguing to watch.

Although initially mysterious, iDom's unconventional tier list now makes sense in the context of the level 8 CPU tournament. If you're interested in witnessing the full tournament, iDom's stream archive contains the complete footage.

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