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The Mythic Rapid Fire SMG Set to Return to Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale has seen its fair share of Mythic weapons throughout its history, and now another one is making a comeback. This time, it's the Mythic Rapid Fire SMG. In Season 4 of Chapter 4, players have already been enjoying an array of Mythic weapons thanks to the various vaults on the map. However, Epic Games has plans to introduce even more Mythic weapons as the season progresses.

According to respected Fortnite leakers like HYPEX, the Mythic Rapid Fire SMG will be making its return with improved stats. It appears that this weapon will be introduced as a Display Case Item during Season 4 Chapter 4. Notably, the Clip Size of the SMG has been buffed from its previous 20 rounds to an impressive 26 rounds.

Fans of Fortnite may recall the dominance of the Mythic Rapid Fire SMG during Chapter 2. With its Common to Legendary versions, it wreaked havoc on opponents. The Mythic version made its appearance in Season 4, Chapter 3, and is now set to return.

The super-powered submachine gun boasts some impressive stats. It has a DPS of 255, dealing 17 damage to players and 16 structure damage. Its magazine size is now 26 rounds, with a fire rate of 15 rounds per second and a reload time of 1.275 seconds.

While the exact release date of the Mythic Rapid Fire SMG remains unknown, players can expect it to make its appearance in the coming weeks. In the meantime, there are still other powerful Mythic weapons to enjoy in the game.


– HYPEX (Twitter)
– Epic Games