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The New York Times Connections Puzzle: Can You Find the Common Thread?

Are you ready to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test? The New York Times' Connections puzzle game challenges you to find the common thread that ties four seemingly unrelated words together. Each day presents a new group of words, and it's up to you to decipher the connection.

In today's puzzle, there are four different hints to guide you in the right direction. The first hint, represented by the color yellow, points to animals commonly found in zoos. If you're reading this article from the middle of a rainforest, you might spot these creatures in their natural habitat.

The second hint, green, refers to objects that typically have something on top of them. Whether it's a table, chair, or even the tallest buildings, there's always something that completes the top.

The third hint, blue, involves words related to music and performances. You might recognize some of these words from popular songs or think about spotlights and stages.

The final hint, represented by the color purple, connects words associated with the sea. From the salty air to sandy shorelines, these words share a connection with vast expanses of water.

Now, if you're ready for the answers, scroll no further! Today's puzzle, from September 9, reveals the following connections:

Yellow: Anaconda, Capybara, Jaguar, Toucan (Amazon animals)

Green: Base, Bottom, Foot, Foundation (Lowest point)

Blue: Company, Grease, Hair, Rent (Musicals)

Purple: Change, Cucumber, Legs, Lion (Sea ____)

The key to solving the Connections puzzle is finding the common theme that unites the words. Every day presents a unique challenge, and there's just one solution for each set of words. Additionally, you can shuffle the grid as many times as you need to see the words from a different perspective.

If you enjoy the Connections puzzle, you might also like the board game Codenames. Similar to Connections, Codenames requires players to use clues to guess certain words from a grid. Both games offer different possible interpretations of the words, adding an exciting twist to the gameplay.

It's worth noting that Connections draws inspiration from Wordle, a popular puzzle game that the New York Times acquired in 2022. Like Wordle, Connections allows you to share your puzzle results using colored emojis on social media, making it a fun and interactive experience.


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