Are you a fan of the Outsiders comics and you would like to know more about its superhero members? Then relax because you’re in the right place.

The Outsiders refers to a team of superhero characters appearing in the American comic books. Members of this team are unique in that they don’t fit the norms of the conventional superhero community.

Batman founded Outsiders at a time when had strained ties with the League. Here is a brief description of the Outsiders superheroes that will help you to know more about them and their roles in the team.

1. Typhoon


This is a powerful superhero from the Outsiders group. Just as the names suggest, Typhoon can control the weather. The character shares this feature with Storm. When it comes to appearance, Typhoon's physical appearance is that of the Black Cat and slightly that of Storm.

However, Typhoon looks more muscular and doesn’t have a wolverine-style haircut found in the Black Cat. Typhoon's body is blue, with brown face, blue glasses, and wears a black attire around the waist. The character also wears a cape that makes him unique from other members of the outsiders.

2. Quetzal


Nobody knows the real name and origin of this character. She was named Quetzal by Typhoon and Starfire. Quetzal has a green body and looks like a girl but she has wings like a big bird. She also has long green hair, wears black attire, and can’t talk but warbles like a bird.

Quetzal is tall and slender and her mind works differently from that of humans. She understands English, loves singing, and has a cheerful personality.

3. Nightcrawler


This supernatural being is more of an alien because it has a scary face, creepy legs, and a tail. He has a blue face, blue tail with spear-shaped end, white hands, and white legs. Nightcrawler is believed to have come from the world of demons because of the work of sorcerers and wizards.

This character is strong, fast, capable of seeing in the dark and can easily disappear in a shadow, even the smallest of shadows. Nightcrawler is an animal-like creature that can run in fours, run up walls, and across the ceiling.

4. Reflecto


This superhero fictional character's first appearance was as a member of Adventure comics. Reflecto started as Ultra Boy with amnesia but he later became a Superboy. Reflectos’s disobedience to the post-hypnotic command made him suffer amnesia.

His notable features include freezing breath, high speed, superhuman strength, super hearing, vision powers, and stamina among others. He is one of the most talented members of the Outsiders and he can easily perform roles that are challenging to other characters.

5. Power boy

Power boy

This character has a well-built body, looks muscular, has stamina, and was one of the minions of Darkseid. Power boy is among the members of the Outsiders that have numerous superhuman powers. They include enhanced Apokoliptian physiology, superhuman reflexes, accelerated healing, superhuman stamina, super-breath, super-human speed, and flight among others.

His weaknesses include obsession and power instability. Power Boy can easily absorb negative emotions. He also becomes violent easily because he sometimes fails to control his emotions.

6. Trio


This character is popular because she was the first one to apply to become a member of the Legion. Trio is also known for his super-power ability to split into three identical bodies that share a physical and mental link, something that makes her unique from other members of the Outsider.

The white trio is nervous, the orange one is a rebel and the purple one is well-behaved. Trio’s original name was Luornu Durgo, a Carggite, born to Silvo Durgo and Humre. She is beautiful, and has three personalities but prefers to stay in a conjoined form.


Generally, members of the Outsiders are amazing! I really enjoy the chemistry when they are working on a mission. The fact that each superhero member has unique powers makes the group very strong. Trust me, when I say the whole series is action-packed and you can never get bored reading a comic story involving members of The Outsiders.