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The Pokémon Company Collaborates with Hatsune Miku for Musical and Artistic Project

The Pokémon Company has recently announced an exciting collaboration with virtual idol Hatsune Miku, known as the Pokémon Featuring Hatsune Miku Project Voltage. The project will feature 18 different songs, each representing a different Pokémon elemental type, and will include music and sound effects from various Pokémon video games. The songs will be composed by different creators, covering a range of moods from cool to cute, and will be accompanied by music videos.

The collaboration between Pokémon and Hatsune Miku makes perfect sense, with Miku being a digital being and Pikachu being an Electric-type Pokémon. The title “Project Voltage” aptly reflects this connection. In addition to the music videos, the project will also include 18 illustrations showcasing Hatsune Miku as a Pokémon Trainer, created by Kei, the original designer of Hatsune Miku.

The launch of the project will be staggered over the coming months, with the first illustration scheduled to be released on September 4th. The full list of songwriters involved in the project will be revealed on September 28th, and the first music video will go live on September 29th. With Hatsune Miku's catchy sound and the ongoing popularity of Pokémon, this collaboration is set to captivate fans of both franchises.


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– Images: PR Times