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The Pokemon Trading Card Game Scarlet & Violet 151: A Nostalgic Set for Collectors

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is known for its annual special sets that appeal to fans' nostalgia, and Scarlet & Violet 151 is no exception. Unlike previous expansions, this set focuses on the franchise's long-standing motto, “gotta catch 'em all,” by featuring the original Kanto creatures in their iconic forms and Pokedex order. The set is designed to be stored in binders, making it a must-have for collectors.

The inclusion of the full Kanto Pokedex marks the return of Kadabra, a card absent from the TCG for two decades due to legal issues with magician Uri Geller. While not heavily promoted by The Pokemon Company, its appearance in Scarlet & Violet 151 is significant for long-time collectors. Additionally, this opens the possibility for more appearances of fan-favorite Alakazam in future sets.

To enhance the nostalgic appeal, Scarlet & Violet 151 features energy cards with a “galaxy” foil treatment reminiscent of the TCG's early days. This holographic design may entice collectors looking to fill their decks with these unique energy cards. There is speculation that the foil energy cards may have increased quantities, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Unsurprisingly, the set includes the rare and coveted Mew ex card, which boasts a Restart ability allowing players to draw up to three cards each turn. It also features the Genome Hacking attack, which lets players utilize any move their opponent's active creature possesses. Despite its rarity, the Ultra-Premium Collection offers an Illustrator Rare version of the card, albeit at a steep price.

In addition to the iconic Pokemon cards, Scarlet & Violet 151 introduces some intriguing Trainer cards. Daisy, the rival's older sister, gains a Town Map-like ability that allows players to view their Prize cards. Bill's Transfer provides access to Pokemon in the deck, while Erika's Invitation enables players to pull a Pokemon directly from their opponent's hand into the active spot for an aggressive assault. And of course, Giovanni makes an appearance in the set as well.

Scarlet & Violet 151 may be a niche set, appealing mainly to collectors with a deep attachment to the franchise's early days. However, it is a well-executed expansion that successfully caters to its target audience. Available starting September 22, 2023, this set offers an array of cards that will evoke nostalgia for long-time Pokemon fans.

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