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The Race to Level V at EB Games Ends for 2023: What It Means for Customers

An email sent out to participants in the Race to Level V at EB Games confirmed that the race for 2023 has officially concluded. The team at EB World is currently counting the carrots, the reward points given for spending and trading at EB Games, to determine the top 9,999 earners who will secure a spot in the prestigious Level V membership.

Participants who confirmed their details and accumulated enough carrots to finish in the top 9,999 can expect to hear from EB Games on Monday, September 18th, with the official announcement of the successful candidates. These individuals will then gain access to a range of exclusive benefits.

Being in the top tier of EB World members at Level 5 comes with numerous perks. These include a 14-day Preorder Hold Guarantee, a 14-day Game Guarantee, a 30-day Gift Guarantee, a 25% Bonus Trade Credit, a $20 Birthday Voucher, a Level Up Bonus, an Anniversary Reward, a Welcome to Level V Reward, a Personalised EB World Card, access to an Exclusive Facebook Group, and Priority Customer Service email support.

Moreover, historically, Level V members have been awarded exclusive access to highly-sought-after Collector's Editions of games like Final Fantasy XVI. This accolade has made it a coveted and somewhat contentious position among EB Games customers.

Although the race for Level V in 2023 has come to an end, the 2024 season has already begun. Starting from September 1st, 2023, any new carrots earned by customers will be counted towards the new season.

– The Race to Level V at EB Games has officially ended for 2023, with EB World customers’ carrots being counted up as of August 31st.
– An email that was sent out to those in the race over the weekend confirms the conclusion of the race and announces that the top 9,999 earners will be announced later this month.