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The Ryder Cup: Brooks Koepka’s Wife Shares DIY Hack for the Event

The upcoming Ryder Cup has generated excitement among golf fans, as Team USA and Team Europe prepare for an intense battle in Rome. One player who is undoubtedly gearing up for the event is Brooks Koepka, the lone LIV golfer representing the United States. While Koepka's place in the squad was never debated, his wife, Jena Sims, is also getting involved and preparing for the Ryder Cup in her own way.

Sims, who is actively involved in golf alongside her husband, recently shared a DIY hack for the Ryder Cup on her Instagram story. Despite being ill, she demonstrated a do-it-yourself trick for golf enthusiasts. She showcased a white hoodie with pockets, explaining that the team dinners in the team room during the event are casual. She suggested using hoodies with pockets and showed fans how to turn one into a stylish outfit.

Sims has always shown support for her husband's professional career and actively engages in his ups and downs. She has been his cheerleader during his successful moments and provided humor and support during challenging times. While she shares her DIY hacks, Koepka himself is fully focused on giving his best at the international face-off this month.

In preparation for the Ryder Cup, Team USA, including Koepka, visited the site of the event in Rome. Brooks Koepka shared a picture of himself on the golf course, receiving well-wishes and praise from the golfing community. However, Sims had a different focus and asked Koepka to consider getting a haircut before the patriotic showdown.

As the excitement builds for the Ryder Cup, golf enthusiasts can follow Jena Sims' instructions for the DIY hack and stay updated with the event through her social media channels.

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