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The Second Part of Fortnite x My Hero Academia Collaboration to Bring Three New Skins

According to a recent leak, Epic Games is preparing for a second collaboration between Fortnite and My Hero Academia. The first collaboration, released in December 2022, introduced several popular anime characters and gameplay changes. It seems that Epic Games intends to continue this partnership with another installment.

While the release date for the upcoming crossover has not been announced, leaks suggest that it is on the horizon. The leaked information provides details about the new skins that players can expect to see in the collaboration. According to the leak, the second part of Fortnite x My Hero Academia will introduce three new characters: Todoroki, Mina, and Kirishima. These characters are likely to be made available in the Item Shop.

Additionally, there may be gameplay changes accompanying the collaboration, similar to the inclusion of Deku's Smash in the first collaboration. It is unclear what these changes may entail, but fans can anticipate exciting additions to enhance their Fortnite experience.

The leak originates from a relatively new leaker named Leaf, who has accurately leaked other significant updates in the past. This includes leaks about Khaby Lame and Ahsoka in the new Battle Pass. While Epic Games has not confirmed the collaboration yet, the credibility of the leak suggests that it is highly likely to happen.

As the release date for the second part of Fortnite x My Hero Academia collaboration remains unknown, it is possible that it may arrive in Season 4. It appears that Epic Games is working on several other major collaborations as well, building anticipation for the coming months.

– Leaf (leaker)
– WePC (source)