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The Simpsons: Hit & Run Fans Call for Remake on its 20th Anniversary

Us older gamers are starting to feel the crooked hand of time on our shoulders, as another classic reaches a milestone. The Simpsons: Hit & Run – the yellow family’s parody of GTA – recently turned 20 years old, and now, more than ever, fans are crying out for an official remake. In a recent post on Twitter, the PlayStation UK account posted a clip of the menu screen from the beloved Simpsons game to mark two decades.

Many fans are now pleading for a remake of the iconic PS title, or at least a re-release that is playable on the PS4/5. Despite the game’s popularity, there has never been an attempt to bring it into the modern gaming era. While one person did create a remake of The Simpsons: Hit & Run in Unreal Engine 5, the project has not been released for public consumption. The legal challenges associated with creating a Simpsons video game, either a remake or something new, are likely the reason behind this decision. Since Disney acquired Fox, which owns the Simpsons brand, the process of utilizing protected intellectual property to develop a game would involve complex litigation.

Even one of the main writers show runners has expressed a desire to see Hit & Run make a comeback. The future of the animated family in terms of video game adaptations remains uncertain, but perhaps Disney will eventually cave in to the demands of fans.

Author: Andrew Heaton

Sources: The Gamer


Remake: Creating a new version of a game by improving graphics, gameplay, and other elements while staying true to the original.

Remaster: Enhancing the graphics and other technical aspects of a game while keeping the gameplay and content intact.

Re-release: Making a game available again on a different platform or for a new audience.

Protected Intellectual Property: Ideas, inventions, or creations that are legally owned by a person or entity and are protected from unauthorized use or reproduction.

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