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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Garners Over 1 Million Players in 24 Hours

Gun Interactive's newly released asymmetrical multiplayer game, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, has already attracted over a million players across consoles and PC within its first 24 hours. Although specific details such as the number of surviving Victims or BBQ transformations were not disclosed, the developers rejoice in the overwhelming response.

While the exact number of players who purchased the game versus those enjoying it through Xbox Game Pass was not specified, surpassing a million players on launch day is undoubtedly a significant achievement. The true measure of the game's success will lie in its ability to maintain a large and engaged player base over time.

Looking at the game's performance on Steam, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre currently boasts approximately 12,500 active players, considering its crossplay feature. Additionally, it has garnered an overall positive review rating of 85% on the platform and currently sits at the ninth position in the top sellers chart.

Players can now experience The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on various platforms, including PC via Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. While waiting for the game to download, interested individuals can peruse reviews to gain further insights.

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