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The Thriving Speedrunning Community of Starfield

The recently released game Starfield has sparked the interest of both casual players and the speedrunning community. While the average player can expect to spend over a hundred hours on their journey, speedrunners have wasted no time in finding exploits and ways to complete the game at record-breaking speed. This is not surprising, considering the track record of Bethesda games and the bugs and glitches that speedrunners have uncovered in the past.

Although Starfield runs on an updated version of the Creation Engine, the speedrunning community was confident that there would still be opportunities to break the game, and they were right. Just three days after the game's early access launch, a runner named Micrologist completed a playthrough in just three hours. This caught the attention of the community and quickly went viral.

Micrologist's initial run was not intended to be a speedrun but rather an exploration of what needed to be done to complete the game normally. Alongside another runner, Dante, they created the first run guides, detailing the necessary steps to progress through the game. During this process, they discovered that there was a significant amount of randomization involved in certain aspects, which added an element of luck to the speedrunning equation.

Once the basic route for Any% runs was established, the community focused on breaking the game further. One significant discovery came from Micrologist, who found that by jumping with a melee weapon and blocking in the air while in third-person view, players could “zip” forward, covering great distances. This became the foundation for many of the subsequent exploits.

To push the boundaries even further, speedrunners experimented with techniques involving quick saving, photo mode, and precise inputs to get through walls and reach out-of-bounds areas. Although initially inconsistent, they were able to consistently skip significant portions of the game by falling in the right places.

The speedrunning community continued to collaborate and share their findings, discovering more locations and methods for optimizing their runs. With the leaderboards on set to open soon, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation within the community as they continue to develop new techniques and strategies. Starfield has certainly captivated the speedrunning world, and it will be interesting to see what records are set in the coming months.

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