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The Tier List for Mortal Kombat 1: True Under Dawg Gaming’s Rankings

Content creator and skilled player True Under Dawg Gaming has released a tier list ranking all 23 starting roster characters in Mortal Kombat 1 from least to most powerful. The tier list consists of five sub tiers: top five, crazy good, really strong, good, and decent. True Under Dawg Gaming emphasizes that while some characters may appear stronger than others, every character has potential when paired with the right strategy and a skilled player.

The tier list reveals that there are five characters in the top tier, six in both the crazy good and really strong tiers, and three in both the good and decent tiers. According to True Under Dawg Gaming, characters with lower damage output seem to be struggling the most.

While the final rankings can be seen by clicking the provided thumbnail, True Under Dawg Gaming provides detailed explanations and reasoning for each placement in the embedded video.

It is important to consider that tier lists are subjective and can change as the meta for Mortal Kombat 1 evolves. The current tier list provides insight into the initial gameplay impressions and character viability. However, it is always beneficial to experiment with different characters and strategies to find what works best for individual playstyles.

Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section after watching the video to engage in the discussion surrounding True Under Dawg Gaming's tier list.

True Under Dawg Gaming (YouTube channel)