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The Ultimate Guide to Free VR Games on Nintendo Switch

Are there any free VR games on Nintendo Switch?

No, unfortunately there are currently no free VR games available on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch does not natively support virtual reality gameplay. An accessory called the Labo VR Kit can provide basic VR functionality, but it has limited capabilities compared to dedicated VR headsets. No free VR games have been developed that are compatible with the Labo VR Kit.

An Overview of VR Gaming Options for Nintendo Switch

Virtual reality (VR) gaming opens up exciting immersive worlds and gameplay experiences. Major VR platforms like the Oculus Quest 2 or Valve Index allow you to escape into stunning virtual worlds with just a headset. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch is not a native VR gaming system. But with some creativity, you can find ways to enjoy basic VR gaming experiences on the Switch.

In this guide, I’ll give you an overview of the VR gaming options available for Nintendo Switch, including:

  • Using the Nintendo Labo VR Kit
  • Trying VR apps and games in handheld mode
  • Using third-party accessories like the VR Blaster Kit

I’ll help you understand both the capabilities and limitations of VR gaming on the Switch. That way you can have the right expectations and find the best experiences this unique portable system can offer. Let’s dive in!

Using the Nintendo Labo VR Kit

The Labo VR Kit is Nintendo’s first official foray into virtual reality for the Switch. The kit includes a cardboard headset and accessories that leverages the Switch’s tablet-like form factor to provide basic VR experiences.

To use the Labo VR Kit, you insert your Nintendo Switch into the provided goggles. The Switch’s screen becomes your VR display. The headset lets you look around in 360 degrees as you play compatible Labo VR games and apps.

The Labo VR Kit offers 3D effects and motion tracking. But without dedicated display and tracking technology, its VR capabilities are much more limited compared to high-end headsets. The Switch’s modest resolution and processing power ensure the VR graphics remain simple.

Still, the Labo VR Kit opens up some fun, family-friendly VR experiences. A variety of mini-games let you look around and interact in virtual environments. Included software like the Camera app also allows for creative experiments with virtual photography.

While novel and engaging, the Labo VR Kit only works with specific built-in software. There is no way to access or download additional VR games. And no free games are included with the Labo VR Kit. But if you already own a Switch and enjoy Nintendo’s DIY Labo platform, it can add some entry-level VR entertainment.

Trying VR Apps and Games in Handheld Mode

While not a full virtual reality experience, some apps and games available on the Nintendo Switch eShop provide engaging 3D effects and gameplay when used in handheld mode.

For example, the free downloadable Kirby’s Dream Buffet game has 3D levels and visuals. Holding the Switch tablet up and turning it around lets you view the game world from different angles, enhancing the 3D effect.

The Jumanji: The Video Game downloadable title also provides an immersive pseudo-VR experience in handheld mode. Motion controls and perspective changes help bring the game world to life.

Other eShop titles like Evasion,XZ, Ark-Ade, and Colorful Colore offer trippy 3D visual effects. While basic, turning and tilting the Switch as you play these games in handheld mode gives a glimpse into virtual reality gameplay.

These games only work in handheld mode with motion controls enabled. They don’t compare to the immersion of room-scale VR on high-powered PC headsets. But they can satisfy lightweight, on-the-go VR cravings with just your Switch tablet.

Using Third-Party VR Accessories

Some accessory manufacturers have created headsets and controllers designed to work with the Switch for basic VR functionality. These accessories leverage the Switch tablet screen and motion controls for VR gaming experiences beyond the Labo VR Kit.

The VR Blaster Kit includes a headset, blaster peripheral, and tracking faceplate. Insert your Switch, and it provides a 110-degree field of view 3D display. The blaster and headset allow for motion controls and tracking for simple, immersive gameplay.

Similarly, accessories like the Linkstyle VR Kit or the OIVO Switch VR Kit offer headsets with controller options. While still limited compared to advanced VR systems, these accessories can enhance the VR potential of your Switch.

Third-party VR accessories for the Nintendo Switch remain scarce. And the software support is limited to a handful of apps and games. But they offer opportunities for developers to tap into improving basic VR capabilities for the platform.

The Challenges and Limitations of Nintendo Switch VR

Virtual reality gameplay on the Nintendo Switch definitely faces challenges. Without the optimized hardware, display technology, and tracking capabilities of dedicated VR headsets, the Switch has key limitations:

  • Graphics processing lacks power for advanced VR visuals
  • Modest CPU limits complex physics and gameplay
  • Low 720p resolution per eye delivers less immersion
  • Limited head tracking mobility reduces realism
  • Minimal supported software library prevents full VR utility

Nintendo designed the Switch as an on-the-go home console and handheld hybrid. Portability, versatility, and family-friendly gameplay took priority over pure power and functionality. As a result, achieving true high-fidelity VR simply exceeds the Switch‘s current hardware capabilities.

Accessories like the Labo VR Kit and third-party headsets provide glimpses into virtual worlds. But they still can’t match the distortion-free visuals, 6 degrees of freedom tracking, and immersive experiences provided by Oculus Quest 2 or similar advanced VR platforms.

The lack of supported VR software also severely limits gameplay possibilities. Beyond built-in Labo VR games, few developers have made playable VR titles for the Switch. Without a critical mass of great games utilizing VR capabilities, the platform struggles to realize its virtual reality potential.

Hopefully down the line Nintendo will consider releasing an updated, more powerful Switch supporting robust integrated VR gaming. For now, Switch VR remains a novelty sideshow to the system’s main portable console and TV gaming focus. Those wanting truly immersive VR gameplay will need to look to dedicated high-end virtual reality platforms.

Simple Fun with Switch VR for Beginners

Advanced virtual reality setups can get expensive and complex. But Nintendo Switch VR offers a low-cost, straightforward entry point to explore the basics of VR gaming.

The creative DIY Labo VR Kit brings families into simple virtual worlds. Third-party accessories build on the Switch’s capabilities for enhanced VR experiences. And bringing the Switch tablet into 3D handheld game worlds provides easy first steps into VR.

For younger gamers, these options unlock new ways to play and spark imagination. The Switch eShop also offers trippy, mesmerizing VR-style apps perfect for first-timers. Dipping your toes into Switch VR can ignite a lifelong passion for virtual reality’s possibilities.

And while true immersive VR remains limited on Switch, Nintendo’s innovations help make the concept approachable to mass market audiences. Accessible VR gameplay can complement the platform’s strengths in local multiplayer and all-ages fun.

As virtual reality evolves, a future upgraded Switch could become a family-friendly gateway. For now, basic Switch VR still provides interactive worlds of enjoyment using just cardboard, clever accessories, and the magic of imagination.

The Future Potential of Nintendo Switch VR

While rudimentary today, Nintendo Switch virtual reality still has an exciting future ahead. As a versatile mobile device with motion controls, the Switch has clear hardware foundations to build on for VR.

Upcoming Switch revisions with improved technical capabilities could support VR experiences closer to standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest. Smoother graphics, expanded memory, better displays, and enhanced sensors pave the way for better immersion and gameplay.

More robust third-party accessory ecosystems also have untapped potential. With the Switch’s strong install base, VR peripherals tailored for the platform could thrive. Dedicated headsets, accessories, and controllers designed for Switch VR open new doors.

Most importantly, Nintendo’s renowned game development and partnerships provide the key software needed to power VR success. Imagine immersive new Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon virtual worlds on an upgraded Switch VR setup!

While still a pipe dream today, Switch VR could become a unique hybrid combining Nintendo magic with console power and mobile VR capabilities. By leaning into the platform’s versatility and playfulness, Nintendo can build a bright Switch-based VR future.


Despite limitations, current Nintendo Switch virtual reality options let you sample basic VR gameplay in fun, creative ways. The Labo VR Kit and compatibility with some handheld 3D games provide simple starter VR experiences for families and beginners. And third-party accessories demonstrate the potential for enhanced Switch VR capabilities down the road.

Hardcore gamers hungry for fully immersive virtual worlds will still need stand-alone or PC-based VR systems. But Switch VR offers casual, low-cost first steps into interactive virtual environments. For the VR-curious of all ages, it provides a great entry point. And as technology improves, Switch VR may one day evolve into a truly versatile and powerful mobile VR gaming platform.