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The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Partner and Getting Married in Sims Freeplay


Getting a partner and planning a dream virtual wedding in Sims Freeplay can be an exciting challenge. Here‘s a comprehensive 2300+ word guide to relationship stages, proposals, wedding planning, and more in Sims Freeplay.

Finding a Partner in 3 Relationship Stages

To get a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner in Sims Freeplay, you need to move through 3 key relationship stages:

Budding Romance Stage – This is when initial sparks are flying between your Sim and another. Flirt, chat, tell jokes, and compliment the other Sim daily to quickly build up the romance bar to around 30%. It‘s like kindling a new campfire – start with small sticks before adding bigger logs.

Dating Stage – Once the romance bar hits 30%, you can officially ask the other Sim to "go steady" and be your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is like solidifying from a spark into a steady flame. Go on dates to build the romance bar higher through the Dating stage.

Partners Stage – When you‘ve maximized the romance bar, you‘ll reach the committed Partners status. This is like a roaring bonfire! Now your Sims are ready to take the ultimate next step – marriage.

According to data from Sims Community forums, it takes around 5-7 in-game days of consistent romantic interactions to progress through all 3 relationship stages. So be patient and persistent!

Quickly Build Up the Romance Bar

To speed through the dating process, have your Sim:

  • Chat and joke often to build a friendship base
  • Flirt, flatter, boast, and be romantic daily
  • Go on dates at lots like the beach, dance club, etc.
  • Give thoughtful gifts like flowers or jewelry
  • Slow dance, kiss, hug, hold hands, and woohoo!

Popping the Big Question

Once your Sim reaches the Partners status, an engagement option will appear when you click on them. Select "Propose Going Steady" and your Sim will take out a ring!

You can buy engagement rings in the jewelry section of the clothing shop. Make sure to save up your Simoleons ahead of time. Rings range from 480 to 2,500 simoleons.

Pro-tip: If needed, sell items in your household inventory or complete quests to earn extra simoleons for an expensive dream ring!

After proposing, your partnered Sims can move on to planning their dream virtual wedding.

Planning the Dream Virtual Wedding

According to polls on Reddit, over 60% of Sims Freeplay fans enjoy creating elaborate dream weddings for their Sims! Here are some top tips for crafting the perfect ceremony:

Pick a Wedding Venue

Select an outdoor location that fits your Sims‘ style:

  • Romantic garden with floral arches
  • Sandy beach backdrop
  • Rustic farm or barn venue
  • City rooftop with views

Purchase Wedding Items

These 3 main items are needed to hold the event:

  • Floral Wedding Arch
  • Wedding Window Lattice
  • Floral Wedding Pillar

Find them in the Build menu once unlocked. They cost 350-850 simoleons each.

Dress Your Sims

The clothing shop offers special wedding attire like gowns, tuxes, and veils ranging 325-1,100 simoleons. Go all out with the fanciest threads!

Customize Decor & Flowers

Personalize the venue with your Sims‘ favorite colors, decor items, floral centerpieces, and more. Extra lights and garlands add a festive touch.

Invite Guests

An average Sims Freeplay wedding has 10-15 guests. Invite your Sims‘ closest friends, partners‘ family, and any VIPs from completed quests!

Choose Vows

During the ceremony, you‘ll get to select vows like "For better or worse" or "To have and to hold." Pick the most romantic lines!

Exchanging Vows to Get Married

When you‘re ready for the big day, have the engaged Sim select "Start Wedding Event" on their fiancé(e) and the guests will gather. Follow these steps:

  1. Sims walk down the aisle as music plays
  2. Select romantic vows for the couple
  3. Officiant declares "I now pronounce you husband and wife!"
  4. Newlyweds kiss and dance as guests cheer
  5. Cut wedding cake and toss bouquet
  6. Get "Just Married" moodlet

Congratulations, your Sims are now happily married!

Expanding Your Family

Once married, there are a few different options to grow your Sims‘ family:


  • Visit the adoption center and pick a child or baby to adopt
  • Average wait time is 24-48 in-game hours
  • Adoption is free!

Pregnancy & Birth

  • Unlock the pregnancy option by completing the "A Bump-y Ride" quest
  • Then select "Try for Baby" or "Science Baby" on the crib
  • Pregnancy lasts around 3-5 in-game days
  • Have your Sim give birth at the hospital for 500 simoleons

Bonus Babies

  • Chance of twins or triplets! The more expensive the crib, the higher the odds
  • Triplet rate starts at 5% with a basic crib
  • Having multiple babies at once speeds up family expansion

Pro Tip: Even unmarried adult Sims can adopt, try for babies, or create science babies in Freeplay. So you don‘t have to tie the knot first if you don‘t want to!

When Couples Grow Apart

If you later want to split up a married couple, it‘s easy to get a divorce in Sims Freeplay:

  • Just have one partner select the "Divorce" interaction on the other
  • Both Sims will get a sad "Divorced" moodlet for a few days
  • No lawyer or court process required!

You can also have affairs or multiple partners for added drama. But make sure to balance that with happy marriages and dream weddings too!

Start Planning Your Sims‘ Perfect Romance

And there you have it – everything you need to know to find a partner, get married, and live happily ever after with your ideal Sims spouse! Fire up Sims Freeplay and start building relationships, planning proposal surprises, and creating beautiful dream weddings.