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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Football Manager for Free on PC

Can I Get Football Manager for Free on PC?

No, there is no legitimate way to get the full Football Manager game for free on PC. Football Manager is a paid game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. The latest version, Football Manager 2023, costs $59.99 on Steam and other PC game stores.

However, there are some limited options to try Football Manager for free before purchasing:

Football Manager Touch Free Trial

Football Manager Touch is a streamlined version of Football Manager designed for tablets and the Nintendo Switch. The Touch version has a free trial that allows you to play the first two in-game seasons for free. After that, you need to purchase the full game. The free trial has no time limit, so you can take as long as you want to play the first two seasons. This can give you a good sense of the Football Manager experience. However, the full PC/Mac version of Football Manager is more in-depth than the Touch version.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

Football Manager 2023 is included with Xbox Game Pass for PC. With a Game Pass subscription you can download and play the full Football Manager 2023 game on your PC. However, Game Pass costs $9.99 per month, so this isn‘t exactly free. It does allow you to try out the full PC game for a month before deciding if you want to purchase it.

So in summary, while there are free trial options, there is no way to get the newest Football Manager PC game completely free. You either need to pay for the game upfront or subscribe to Game Pass monthly. But the free trials allow you to experience FM before purchasing.

More Detailed Guide on Getting and Playing Football Manager for Free

Here is some more in-depth information on your options for trying Football Manager for free, and what you can expect from the free trial versions:

Football Manager Touch for Mobile

As mentioned above, Football Manager Touch for iOS and Android devices has a free trial. Here are more details on this option:

  • FM Touch is a streamlined version of Football Manager designed for mobile and touchscreen gameplay.

  • The mobile version has a free trial that allows you to play for free until November 1 in the first season. This allows you to try out a couple months of gameplay.

  • The free trial includes all game modes – you can play career mode, start unemployed, manage any club team, etc.

  • You won‘t be able to play past November 1 without purchasing the full game. But the free trial has no time limit – you can take as long as you want to play the first couple months in-game.

  • FM Touch has simplified menus, controls and match engines compared to the full Football Manager on PC. So it provides a more streamlined experience.

  • If you enjoy the free trial, you can purchase the full FM Touch game as an in-app purchase. This unlocks the rest of the seasons.

So in summary, the FM Touch mobile free trial gives you a nice chunk of gameplay to try out the Football Manager experience on your phone or tablet. While not as deep as the full PC version, it can give you a taste before deciding to purchase the full game.

Football Manager 2023 on Xbox Game Pass

Getting Football Manager through an Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription can also let you play for free, with a couple caveats:

  • Football Manager 2023 is included in Xbox Game Pass for PC. This is Microsoft‘s Netflix-style gaming subscription service.

  • With a Game Pass subscription, you can download and play the full Football Manager 2023 game on your Windows PC.

  • Game Pass costs $9.99 per month. So this isn‘t exactly free, but it does allow you to try out the game for a month.

  • You will lose access to Football Manager if you cancel your Game Pass subscription. So it‘s not yours to keep forever like purchasing the game.

  • But Game Pass includes 100+ other games you can try out as well during the subscription period.

  • Make sure your PC meets the minimum specs to run Football Manager 2023 before subscribing.

So in summary, Game Pass for PC is a good option if you want to try out FM2023 risk-free for a month and have access to many other PC games as well. But you don‘t get permanent access like you would from purchasing the game outright.

Differences from the Full Football Manager Game

If you try the free trial options, keep in mind that they provide a limited Football Manager experience compared to the full PC/Mac game:

  • The full FM game has much deeper and more complex gameplay. The Touch and mobile versions simplify some aspects of the game.

  • FM2023 for PC has improved 3D match engines, animations and graphics compared to the free trials.

  • The full game has more detailed league structures, competitions, team and player data, tactical options, etc.

  • You can only play the first season or two with the free trials. The full game gives you 30+ seasons of potential gameplay.

  • There are some gameplay modes and features only in the paid PC/Mac version.

So while the free trials give you a taste, to really experience Football Manager in full you need to purchase the latest PC/Mac version. Just keep these limitations in mind.

Is it Worth Buying Football Manager 2023?

If you enjoy soccer management simulations, Football Manager 2023 is definitely worth purchasing. Here are some reasons why the latest version is worth the $60 price tag:

  • FM has long been regarded as the most realistic and in-depth soccer management sim around. The 2023 edition takes it even further.

  • The 3D match engine has been improved with over 4,000 new animations. Matches now look and feel more realistic than ever.

  • Updated tactical systems like possession-based play, Gegenpress and long ball allow you to manage matches in new ways.

  • Enhanced player personalities, roles familiarity and hidden attributes give you more ways to influence your squad.

  • The redesigned manager customization offers new avatar options, clothing and accessories to personalize your manager.

  • New analytics tools allow you to analyze match data to spot weaknesses and improve player performances.

  • As always, FM2023 has extensively updated player and league data for complete realism. Over 100,000 real players are included.

  • Improved transfer/contract negotiations add more wheeling and dealing options for building your squad.

So Football Manager 2023 incorporates meaningful improvements while retaining the depth and realism the series is known for. For soccer management fans, it‘s definitely worth picking up the latest version to experience these new features and updated content.

Getting Started in Football Manager 2023

If you‘re new to the Football Manager series, here are some tips to help you get started and comfortable with the game:

  • Choose a team in a mid-tier league you‘re familiar with. Managing smaller clubs and lesser-known players is easier at first.

  • Use the in-game assistant recommendations until you know your players and tactics well. Don‘t try to micro-manage everything immediately.

  • Focus more on managing morale, team selections and transfers at first. The tactics and training will come later.

  • Don‘t worry about winning early on. Focus on stabilizing the team, managing finances and developing young players. Success will come over seasons.

  • Save your game often! Don‘t be afraid to re-load and re-do decisions to learn what works. FM has a steep learning curve.

  • Read player bios carefully to understand their abilities, personalities and relationships. This info influences how you should manage them.

  • Hold team meetings and conversations to build morale and develop your in-game manager persona.

  • Start with the default tactical style that matches your team‘s strengths. Tweak it slowly over time to fit your preferred style.

The most important thing is to have patience. Absorb information slowly, start simple and manage expectations. Once you establish a solid foundation, the wins will come!

Expansive Football Manager Content for New Players

The Football Manager community creates expansive resources to help guide new players:

  • Guides – Websites like FM Scout have hundreds of text and video guides explaining gameplay mechanics. Start with basics like tactics, training and transfers.

  • Tips – The FM subreddit has a weekly Tips & Tricks megathread where experienced players share advice. Great for quick questions!

  • Wikis – FMSite and the FM Wikipedia have deep dives on everything from club histories, competitions and game attributes.

  • YouTube – Channels like WorkTheSpace have tutorials for features like tactics creator, set piece routines and press conferences.

  • Podcasts – Shows like Football Manager Hangout discuss strategy, interviews and game updates for hours. Listen while you play!

  • Forums – Community sites like FM Base have active forums to ask questions and get real-time feedback while learning.

  • Leagues – Join a casual online league to play FM against real opponents. Great way to learn from others!

Don‘t be overwhelmed by the scope of FM. Lean on these resources from passionate fans and take things step-by-step. The community wants to help new managers succeed!

So in summary, while FM seems intimidating at first, taking your time and utilizing the many learning resources will have you on your way to soccer management mastery in no time. The journey of club building and tactical growth can be extremely rewarding if you stick with it!