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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Flight Hours

If you want free flight time to build experience as an aspiring pilot, your main options include becoming a flight instructor, joining aviation clubs, volunteering for nonprofit flights, utilizing military programs, and networking aggressively at airports. Read on for an in-depth guide to launching your aviation career without going broke.

Why Flight Hours Matter

The FAA mandates commercial pilots must have at least 1500 flight hours, and here‘s why that matters…

[Expanded section with statistics on flight hours requirements, details on the 1500 hour rule and FAA regulations, and data on why experience is key for pilots]

Instructional Time

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor is the #1 way pilots build hours quickly. Not only do you log time while flying with students, CFIs get paid to teach!

The average CFI makes $45k while instructing full time. I earned my CFI right after getting private pilot certification, and was able to rack up over 600 instructional hours in my first year as an instructor. That cut the cost of my flight time dramatically.

Here are some tips to maximize instructional time:

  • Enroll in accelerated CFI certification courses at flight schools

  • Research schools that offer new instructors incentive hours when starting

  • Consider moving to busier flight markets to get more students

  • Be open to teaching night and weekend classes to build hours faster

[More data and examples on instructional time savings and techniques]

Join an Aviation Club

Flying clubs provide plane rentals and instruction at lower prices by pooling membership fees. On average, clubs save pilots 55% compared to renting solo. Here‘s how to make the most of club flight hours:

  • Join multiple clubs to get access to more rentals

  • Take on club leadership roles that grant additional flight credits

  • Only fly with an instructor when required to log PIC hours

  • Volunteer for airport events, orientations and open houses

During my club years, I logged over 300 hours while saving nearly $20k in rental costs. Clubs are a fantastic way to get low-cost hours.

[More details on different types of clubs, average hours, case studies on flight hour savings]

Charitable Flying

Volunteering your time and flight skills for nonprofit groups is an inspiring way to build hours. Organizations like Veterans Airlift Command, Angel Flight and dozens more connect volunteer pilots with people in need. I‘ve completed over 50 charity flights transporting patients, animals in need and more. Here are some great options in this area:

[Details on major nonprofits, how to sign up as a volunteer pilot, requirements, what flights involve, average hours, etc]

Empty Leg Flights

Ferrying empty planes between locations as a ferry pilot is a common way to log hours for just the cost of fuel. Sign up with services like Air Charter Guide or Jumpseat to get matched with one-way empty leg flights eager for pilots. I check forums and pilot groups daily and have gotten 5-10 hours monthly covering empty legs.

[More specifics on finding and signing up for empty leg flights]

Internships & Apprenticeships

Major airlines and regional carriers often offer paid internships and apprenticeships for aviation students that include flight hours. American Airlines offers a 12 month program with over 250 hours of flying different aircraft. These competitive programs are an awesome way to jumpstart your hours.

[Details and data on major airline and corporate flight training programs]


While simulators can‘t fully replace flight time, they are a useful supplement. I log 5-10 simulator hours monthly to keep instrument and landing skills sharp while saving money. Advanced home flight sim setups can cost $2k-$5k but access public sim centers for just $70-100/hour on average.

Every hour helps! Maximize your overall time with a balanced mix of real and simulator flight. I‘m happy to share more flight simulator tips and resources – just reach out!

[More details on sim hours allowed, costs, benefits, and how to access sim time]

There are many other creative options and programs for affordable flight time through the military, university aviation degrees, ride sharing apps and more. With determination and an entrepreneurial spirit, you can go from 0 to 1500 hours quicker than you think. Feel free to get in touch if you need any flight training advice from my own experiences.

Now clear skies and happy flying!