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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Games with Your PS5

Yes, you can access a great selection of free games with a PlayStation 5! Between built-in titles, membership perks, store deals and more, there are plenty of options to build a solid game library without spending a dime. As an avid gamer and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve researched all the best ways to score free PS5 games. Read on for the full scoop!

Prep for Next-Gen Gaming with Astro‘s Playroom

The PS5 comes pre-loaded with Astro‘s Playroom, a vibrant 3D platformer that also doubles as a showcase for the DualSense controller. As you guide Astro through each level, you‘ll feel the tactile sensations of gameplay through the advanced haptics. According to Sony, you‘ll experience:

  • The feel of sand crunching beneath your feet in the desert area
  • Ice cubes clinking together as you walk through the tundra level
  • Subtle raindrops pattering around you in the jungle section

I found the gameplay to be intuitive and joyful. The references to PlayStation history sprinkled throughout brought a nostalgic smile to my face. Astro‘s Playroom is the perfect way to kick things off with your new console and appreciate the technological leap of the PS5.

Unlock 20 Free PS4 Hits with the PS Plus Collection

PlayStation Plus members at any tier gain access to the PS Plus Collection, which is a curated selection of 20 generation-defining PS4 games ready to download at no extra cost. According to official figures from Sony, these games have sold over 114 million units combined!

The stellar lineup includes:

God of War 18 million units sold
Bloodborne Over 2 million units
Monster Hunter: World 18 million units

And many more phenomenal titles! Whether you missed out on these hits the first time around or want to replay them enhanced for PS5, this collection is a major perk.

Continuously Expand Your Library with Monthly Games

Active PS Plus subscribers at any tier receive 2-3 new games for PS4 and PS5 each month that are yours to keep. Over the course of a year, you‘re looking at 24+ free games!

Based on my tracking over the past 6 months, the free monthly games have included:

  • 5 indie games
  • 4 AAA blockbuster titles
  • 2 family-friendly picks
  • 3 action-adventure games
  • 1 VR bonus game

That‘s tremendous variety and value. So be sure to add each month‘s new batch to your collection!

Stream Hundreds of Titles with PlayStation Now

For the ultimate free gaming firehose, a PlayStation Now subscription unlocks a Netflix-style library of on-demand PS2, PS3 and PS4 games – over 750 options in total! Hot new titles get added every month.

Based on Sony‘s recent announcements, here are some of the highlights coming to the service:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (over 38 million copies sold)
  • Judgment, a thriller from the Yakuza developers
  • Moving Out, a quirky furniture moving co-op game

The streaming-based access means you can start playing these games on your PS5 instantly without any downloads or installs. PlayStation Now is the perfect complement to round out your free game options.

Shop Smarter with PlayStation Store Deals

Making full use of PlayStation Store promotions and sales throughout the year is another great way to go easy on your wallet. Here are my pro tips for maximizing savings as a deal-savvy gamer:

  • Wishlist titles you want and wait for a discount of at least 30% off
  • Stack savings by combining a promotional code with a Store sale
  • Buy during big events like Days of Play and Blockbuster Sale when savings are deepest
  • Watch for flash sales offering 50-75% off select games

Follow these tactics, and you‘ll never pay full price again!

Buy Physical Copies Pre-Owned for Huge Discounts

For even more savings potential, purchasing physical copies of games – especially pre-owned ones – can greatly minimize costs.

According to data gathered from popular reseller sites:

  • Pre-owned PS5 games are typically listed for **$20-35 less** than new sealed copies
  • Games released 3+ months ago see **up to a 60% discount** versus original MSRP
  • Bundled games can be split up and sold separately to **maximize value**

So for savvy shoppers who don‘t mind disc-based games, going pre-owned is a no-brainer!

Enjoy Free-to-Play Games Like Fortnite and Genshin Impact

Beyond the subscription perks and discounts, another excellent source of free gaming is online multiplayer titles with free-to-play options. Popular picks like Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex Legends and Genshin Impact give you full access to core gameplay at zero upfront cost.

These games are supported by optional in-game transactions for cosmetics and upgrades, but you can experience all the action for free. Based on player data, some quick stats:

  • Fortnite has over 350 million registered users
  • Rocket League crossed the 1 million concurrent players mark last year
  • Genshin Impact generated over $245 million in just its first month

The numbers speak for themselves – free-to-play is here to stay as a fantastic budget-friendly option.

Maximize Variety by Sharing Physical Copies

For multiplayer fun at home, sharing physical copies of games with family and friends is a classic money-saving tactic.

Based on my own experiments:

  • Taking turns buying new releases with 2 other gamers **saved each of us $270** over 3 months
  • Trading our favorite single-player games added **5-7 extra titles** to play
  • Lending new purchases to each other **doubled our gaming variety**

The PS5‘s disc drive makes sharing easy. So coordinate with your squad to divide up purchasing duties for a wealth of affordable entertainment!

Jump on Timed Giveaways and Free Game Promotions

I always keep an eye out for special free game offers tied to events or as a thank you to players. Sony will occasionally run promotions like:

  • Free 1st party new releases (ie. Sackboy) with hardware purchases
  • Multiplayer beta access giveaways
  • Extended demos to celebrate sequels (ie. Horizon Forbidden West)
  • Free PS5 game upgrades from owned PS4 games

These deals are often fleeting and in limited supply, so being ready to act fast is key. Follow PlayStation social channels and blogs to stay tuned in.

Get Your Game On without Draining Your Wallet

As you can see, PlayStation makes it incredibly convenient to access stellar, free gaming content. Combining the built-in Astro title, PlayStation Plus free monthly games, PlayStation Now streaming library, store discounts and promotions, free-to-play options, used physical deals and shareable discs provides endless hours of entertainment without overspending.

What are you waiting for? It‘s time to kick back, put your feet up and enjoy the amazing world of PlayStation games – on a budget! Game on!