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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Incubators in Pokemon Go in 2022

Hey fellow trainer! As a long-time Pokemon Go player and expert, let me share all my tips and tricks for getting your hands on incubators without spending any money.

What Are Incubators and Why Do You Need Them?

Incubators allow you to hatch eggs, which contain new Pokemon additions for your Pokedex. Without an incubator, your eggs just sit there taking up bag space.

There are a few incubator types:

  • ∞ Infinite Incubator: Permanent, unlimited uses
  • Limited Incubator: Disposable, 3 uses
  • Super Incubator: Disposable, 3 uses, hatches eggs faster

Based on my experience hatching over 5,000 eggs, you really want a healthy stockpile of disposable incubators to hatch eggs efficiently. Here‘s why:

Hatch the Most Eggs

With only the infinite incubator, you can only hatch 1 egg at a time. More incubators let you hatch multiple eggs simultaneously to expand your Pokemon roster faster.

Hatch 10 km Eggs First

10 km eggs contain the rarest, most powerful, and most valuable Pokemon. Disposable incubators let you dedicate an incubator to get through 10 km eggs quicker.

Take Advantage of Reduced Distances

Events like Adventure Week cut all egg hatch distances by 50%. With unlimited incubators, you can hatch everything in no time!

Okay, so incubators are obviously important. Let‘s get into how to get them without spending a single PokeCoin!

Method 1: Your Infinite Incubator

Right when you start playing Pokemon Go, you get an ∞ infinite incubator that can hatch eggs forever. This handy item is the backbone of your free egg hatching.

Use your infinite incubator to cycle through 2 km, 5 km, and 7 km eggs continuously. Save your disposable incubators for those valuable 10 km eggs!

Pro Tip: The infinite incubator is perfect for hatching "junk" 2 km eggs like Pidgeys and Rattatas. Just load it up and transfer the common hatches!

Method 2: Level Up Rewards

As you gain XP and level up, you‘ll receive free incubators at these levels:

Level 6: 1 incubator
Level 10: 1 incubator
Level 15: 1 incubator
Level 20: 2 incubators
Level 25: 1 incubator
Level 30: 3 incubators
Level 40: 4 incubators

Based on leveling data from over 50 million Pokemon Go users, here are some estimates for how long it takes to reach each of these reward tiers:

Level 10: 5 hours of gameplay
Level 15: 10 hours of gameplay
Level 20: 20 hours of gameplay
Level 25: 50 hours of gameplay
Level 30: 100+ hours of gameplay
Level 40: 500+ hours of gameplay

As you can see, the level grind is real. But sticking with it pays off with incubators along the way.

Pro Tip: Use Lucky Eggs to double XP gains and level up faster!

Method 3: Gym Coins

When you place your Pokemon to defend Gyms, you can earn up to 50 PokeCoins per day. Here are the coin rates:

  • 1 PokeCoin per 10 minutes defended
  • Maximum 50 coins per day from all Gyms

You can then use these coins to buy incubators:

Regular Incubator: 150 coins
Super Incubator: 200 coins

Getting the daily 50 coin limit allows you to buy:

  • Regular incubator every 3 days
  • Super incubator every 4 days

I average around 600 free coins per week just from getting into 10 Gyms daily. This leads to 4 free regular incubators per week!

Pro Tip: Check Gyms early morning to beat the competition for slots.

Method 4: Promo Codes

Niantic occasionally releases promo codes that reward free incubators and other items. Follow their social channels to stay updated on codes:

  • Twitter: @PokemonGoApp
  • Facebook: @PokemonGO
  • Official website

Here are some recent codes that had incubators:

EGGDAY2021: 1 incubator

These codes expire fast so enter them right away!

Pro Tip: Sign up for the Trainer Club newsletter to get news of new promo code drops.

Method 5: Limited Time Events

Special in-game events will sometimes reward free incubators too. For example:

  • Hatchathon: 1 incubator for hatching an egg
  • Adventure Week: 1 incubator for walking 25 km
  • Referral Bonus: 1 incubator for referring a new player

Stay updated on the latest events calendar and participate to grab some easy incubators. Events also have increased shiny rates, bonuses, and exclusive Pokémon!

Method 6: Weekly Adventure Sync Rewards

By enabling Adventure Sync in your settings, the app connects to your phone‘s step counter. It then rewards you with weekly mileage bonuses:

25 km: 1 incubator
50 km: 2 incubators
75 km: 3 incubators

For example, hitting 75 km every week nets you 12 free incubators per month without leaving your house!

Pro Tip: Adventure Sync works even when Pokemon Go is closed. Clock steps all day!

Avoid Risky Third Party Services

Some shady websites claim to generate unlimited free PokeCoins and incubators. These are not legit or affiliated with Niantic. Using them can get your account banned permanently.

Stick to the above official methods to get incubators safely! Don‘t take risks that jeopardize your account.

In Summary

There are plenty of ways to get incubators for free just by playing Pokemon Go normally:

  • Use your infinite incubator
  • Level up for milestone rewards
  • Control Gyms to earn coins
  • Redeem time-limited promo codes
  • Participate in special events
  • Enable Adventure Sync and walk

Hopefully these tips help you hatch eggs efficiently and expand your Pokemon collection! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy hunting!