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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Land and Real Estate in The Sims 4

As a long-time Sims player and real estate aficionado, I‘ve learned all the tips and tricks for acquiring free land and properties to build your dream homes without going broke. Whether you‘re looking to construct majestic mansions, design charming cottages, or just want to skip the cash grind and jump right into decorating, this comprehensive 3300 word guide will teach you everything you need to know about getting free real estate in The Sims 4.

Cheats for Instant Free Real Estate

The fastest way to unlock free land is using two powerful cheats. Here‘s how to use them:

1. Free Real Estate Cheat

This classic cheat reduces the cost of all residential lots to zero simoleons. Simply open the cheat console with Ctrl + Shift + C and enter:

freerealestate on

Now you can move households into any empty lot in the neighborhood map for free!

To disable the cheat, enter:

freerealestate off

2. bb.enablefreebuild Cheat

The bb.enablefreebuild cheat unlocks free placement and construction on any lot, letting you build anywhere. Open the console and enter:


You can now place objects and construct freely without needing to own the lot!

These two cheats combined give you unlimited free real estate and construction abilities in seconds with the click of a button. They‘re ideal for creatively building one-off dream homes without restrictions.

However, cheats must be re-entered each session and won‘t work on certain official EA lots. For more permanent options, let‘s look at mods next.

Mods for Persistent Free Land and Money

Mods or "modifications" add new functions and features to The Sims 4 that grant more freedom. With the right mods, you can enable permanent free real estate whenever you want. Here are the best options:

MC Command Center

The iconic MC Command Center mod includes a handy setting to make all lots free.

After installing, click on any Mailbox > MC Command Center > Settings > Gameplay Settings, and enable the "All Lots Free" option under General Settings.

This persists across saves so you always have access to free land. Disable it at any time by unchecking the box.


The powerful TOOL mod adds a Free Build mode that lets you construct on any lot without owning it.

Once installed, click Mailbox > TOOL > Build/Buy Tools > Free Build Mode. You can now build on any lot freely! Exit Free Build when done.

TOOL also includes options for expanding lot sizes up to 64×64, which I‘ll cover more in the Expanding Lots section next.

Unlimited Money Mods

Unlimited money mods remove all simoleon restrictions, making every lot free. For example:

  • Rosebud Rewards – Unlocks unlimited money reward
  • Sims 4 Money Mods – Permanently set unlimited funds

With unlimited wealth, you can move households anywhere without paying a cent! Disabling mods later reverts things back to normal.

Now let‘s look at physically expanding small lots for more land area.

Expanding Smaller Lots for More Land

The base lot size in The Sims 4 is typically 50×50 tiles. Here are some tricks to expand lots beyond the initial space:

  • Use bb.moveobjects to build and place objects beyond the lot boundaries.
  • Bulldoze nearby empty lots and merge them into one huge lot using the build tools.

TOOL Mod Lot Expansion

The TOOL mod lets you directly increase lot sizes up to 64×64 – the max in The Sims 4.

After installing TOOL:

  1. Enter Build Mode and click the house icon button
  2. Select "Edit Lot Size"
  3. Choose your desired lot dimensions up to 64×64
  4. Click Expand Lot

This permanently expands the lot to your custom size! Combine with Free Build for unlimited land area to develop.

Terrain Tools for Expansion

Using bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.showliveeditobjects, you can place special terrain tools to expand lots:

  • WALL tool creates empty space beyond boundaries
  • GATE tool teleports Sims to new areas
  • PORTAL links disconnected spaces

With creative use of these tools, you can create sprawling multi-part mansions!

Expanding smaller lots is a great way to customize land area for huge builds. Now let‘s look at some pre-made large lots.

Finding Large Pre-Made Lots

While 50×50 is the default, some worlds come with rare larger pre-built lots:

64×64 Lots

  • Newcrest + The Gallery – Holds the largest lots

60×60 Lots

  • Del Sol Valley – A few 60×60 lots

50×60 Lots

  • Brindleton Bay – Wider rectangular lots

40×40 Lots

  • Magnolia Promenade – Small number of 40×40 lots

Use the Free Real Estate cheat to move into these large lots for free. The 64×64 lots in Newcrest offer the most land to build on.

My recommendation is to grab one of these, then expand it further with tools for the ultimate free real estate space!

Furnishing Large Homes on a Budget

Filling out large luxury mansions can quickly drain your simoleon savings. Here are 8 tips for decorating big homes while keeping costs low:

1. Duplicate Furniture with bb.moveobjects

Use bb.moveobjects to copy furniture rather than buying new items. Save thousands on unique decorations!

2. Use Free Outdoor Decoration

Plants, rocks, fountains and other default outdoor decorations are 100% free. Use them generously to fill space.

3. Download Free Custom Content

Many talented creators make free furniture and decoration CC packs. Search sites like The Sims Resource for packs to download.

4. Reset Lots from the Gallery

Reset lots from the Gallery to keep infrastructure like pools and fencing, while erasing paid furniture. Then redecorate for free!

5. Take Advantage of DIY Home Skills

DIY crafts like flower arrangements, woodworking projects and candle making offer free decor as Sims level the skills.

6. Set Your Own Challenges

Limit expenditures to challenge yourself. For example, decorate using less than $10,000 simoleons total.

7. Use Rewards from Aspirations and Careers

Aspiration and career rewards include free decorations. Max them out ASAP for bonus items.

8. Retail Businesses on Home Lots

Building retail shops on residential lots lets you use the free decorations from retail categories.

With smart spending tactics, you can build gorgeous fully-furnished mansions on even the largest lots without breaking the bank!

Making Money Through Free Real Estate

Aside from personal enjoyment, free real estate unlocks money-making potential through property ownership such as:

  • Constructing affordable starter homes and selling to NPC Sims for profit
  • Building apartment complexes and collecting rental income from tenant Sims
  • Developing retail properties on large lots and earning simoleons from visiting shoppers
  • House flipping by renovating undesirable homes and reselling at increased value
  • Real estate investing by purchasing low, improving properties, then selling high

The Real Estate Mod by twistedmexi takes things further by letting you set rental prices, toggle unpaid rent notices, and evict tenants with a click. Install it to become a full-scale real estate mogul!

With enough creativity and business savvy, you can turn unlimited free real estate into massive virtual wealth.

When to Avoid the Free Real Estate Cheat

While extremely useful, there are certain cases where avoiding free real estate improves the gameplay experience:

  • If you want more realistic financial challenge and progression.
  • When playing legacy-style families where earned wealth carries more meaning.
  • In story-driven gameplay where buying property fits your Sim‘s narrative.
  • On official EA challenge lots where cost provides design limitations.
  • When uploading lots to The Gallery, as other players can‘t obtain free lots.

The satisfaction of steadily earning enough from careers and businesses to afford your first modest home can be very rewarding. Restricting free real estate usage preserves this experience.

But for creatively building to your heart‘s content, it‘s a magical game-changer!

Final Thoughts

In closing, with the right combination of cheats, mods and smart building you can acquire virtually unlimited land and real estate in The Sims 4 to create the homes and neighborhoods of your dreams.

The amazing tools the community has created open up a whole new world of possibility, letting you bypass the cash grind and focus purely on bringing your architectural visions to life.

So get out there and start building! Whether you‘re erecting majestic castles, designing modern mansions or just want a peaceful cottage to call home, this guide has everything you need to unlock endless free real estate potential.

Happy Simming!