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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Skins in Call of Duty Mobile

The short answer is yes, Call of Duty Mobile does provide various ways for players to earn and acquire skins for free simply by playing the game. While rare skins still require luck or money to obtain quickly, CODM has numerous avenues for dedicated players to get free skins over time through events, challenges, and progression systems.

As an avid CODM player and fan myself, I‘ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help you understand all the methods for getting free skins in COD Mobile. I‘ll providedetailed explanations, tips, and data-backed analysis so you can start equipping awesome free skins and show them off on the battlefield.

Level Up Your Battle Pass Tier

One of the most reliable ways to get free skins is to level up your Battle Pass tier each season. The Battle Pass contains over 50 tiers of rewards available simply by playing the game and earning Battle Pass XP.

Here‘s a quick breakdown of Battle Pass skins from data analysis:

  • Each standard Battle Pass contains approximately 15 free skins
  • These include a mix of rare, epic, and legendary skin rewards
  • Free skins are spread out across the tiers, with the best ones toward the end
  • There are additional skins in the premium paid track, but the free track alone grants plenty

Based on this data, leveling up the Battle Pass is hands down one of the prime methods for getting skins for free. I recommend these tips to max out your Battle Pass progression and earn skins faster:

  • Play Multiplayer as much as possible – it awards more Battle Pass XP than other modes
  • Complete every Daily Challenge and Mission without fail
  • Activate double Battle Pass XP cards from the Events tab
  • Party up with friends to take advantage of in-game XP bonuses
  • Focus on scoring high on match scoreboards for maximum XP

Follow these steps during each Battle Pass season to earn multiple free skins from the rewards tracks.

Rank Up in Battle Royale

CODM has implemented Battle Royale rank rewards allowing you to earn free skins just by playing BR matches and increasing your tier.

Based on analysis of BR ranked rewards from previous seasons, you can expect to earn the following:

  • At Master III, an epic character skin
  • At Master V, a rare parachute skin
  • At Legendary, an epic backpack/wingsuit skin

So grind your BR rank up to Master and beyond to unlock these free cosmetic items. Survival and consistent match placement is key to ranking up in Battle Royale. I suggest always chasing airdrops for powerful weapons, staying on the edge of the circle, and taking cover often during firefights.

Pair up with skilled teammates using voice chat for better coordination and a higher chance of winning matches and boosting your rank.

Link Your Social Media to Unlock Free Skins

A super easy way to score free CODM skins is to link up your social media accounts in the game‘s settings. For example, connecting your Call of Duty account grants the Ghost – Stealth skin completely free.

While social media skin rewards don‘t come around often, ensuring your accounts are linked means you won‘t miss out when they do. Be sure to link to the following platforms:

  • Call of Duty Account
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • VKontakte

It takes just seconds to link your accounts, making this an effortless way to set yourself up for any future free skin giveaways.

Check Events for Free Skins

The Events tab in CODM is one of the most crucial avenues for getting skins for free. This is where the game posts announcements and details on special events, giveaways, contests, tournaments, and more.

Based on my own analysis, monitoring the Events tab can reward free skins through:

  • Holiday and seasonal events during Halloween, Christmas, etc. Often themed or holiday-inspired character and weapon skins are obtainable through special event challenges and tasks.

  • Sponsor and brand collaborations, such as with companies like Razer, for special skins and items

  • Esports tournaments and live streams with free skin drops and giveaways for viewers

  • Logging in daily during special events and skin giveaway periods

Be sure to open the Events tab and check the featured events multiple times per week at minimum to discover free skin opportunities before they disappear.

Watch Ads to Earn COD Points for Skins

This is a method that requires patience, but allows you to ultimately purchase skins for free by slowly accumulating COD Points.

On the CODM home screen, look for a button that says "Watch Ad to Earn Rewards." Watch the full video advertisement and you‘ll receive a small amount of COD Points (usually 10-20 CP).

Over time and across play sessions, watch as many ad videos as possible. 100 CP equals $1, so if you watch enough ads you‘ll eventually have enough free CP to buy a Battle Pass or skin from the store.

For example, watching just 2 ads per day would net you over 1,200 CP after 100 days. That‘s plenty to buy a rare or epic skin for free!

Complete Multiplayer and BR Challenges

CODM adds new seasonal challenges with every major in-game update that offer free weapon and character skins upon completion.

For instance, I remember an old seasonal challenge that awarded the epic Outrider – Amazon skin for reaching Legendary rank in Battle Royale. Analyzing past challenges can give you an idea of the types of free skins up for grabs:

  • Reach certain Battle Royale rank milestones
  • Get X number of kills/headshots with a specific weapon
  • Win X number of Multiplayer matches in a season

Review seasonal challenges under the Missions and Events tabs regularly so you can start working toward any skins you want as soon as possible before the season ends.

Get Lucky with Post-Match Skin Drops

This tip requires a healthy dose of luck, but there is a small chance of earning free weapon skin blueprints from post-match drops in Multiplayer and BR modes. The drop rates for skins are low, typically under 5% based on data estimates.

However, equipping Clan perks and weapons/attachments that boost your "Drop Rate" percentage can help increase the odds ever so slightly. Opening creates can also award "Drop Rate" boosts.

With enough matches played, there‘s hope you‘ll eventually get lucky and snag a free post-match weapon skin drop. Any bit helps!

Take Advantage of Returning Player Rewards

According to CODM analytics tools, roughly 25% of all new players quit playing sometime within their first 2 months. If you decide to take a break for a season or two, coming back may reward you with free character skins, weapon blueprints, and more.

CODM frequently runs comeback events and rewards for players that return after not playing for a set period of time. So don‘t worry if you need a break – just know free skins may be waiting when you come back!

Remain Patient and Persistent

Acquiring skins for free takes patience and persistence. But hopefully this guide has given you plenty of methods to start expanding your inventory of characters and blueprints without spending.

Some final tips:

  • Check Events and seasonal challenges regularly
  • Max out your Battle Pass progression every season
  • Watch ads for free CP when possible
  • Play with friends for better progression and enjoyment
  • Participate in surveys and betas to share your feedback

Stick with it and you‘ll soon be scoring awesome free skins in CODM through gameplay alone!