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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Skins in Halo Infinite

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘m excited to share this comprehensive guide on scoring free skins and cosmetics in Halo Infinite. With the right strategies, you can deck out your Spartan with tons of cosmetics without spending a dime. Let‘s dive in!

Take Advantage of Twitch Drops

One of the best ways to get free Halo swag is through Twitch Drops campaigns. By linking your Xbox/Halo account with Twitch and watching eligible streams, you can unlock exclusive weapon and armor coatings, emblems, backdrops, and more!

According to statistics from TwitchTracker, the Halo category averages around 18,000 concurrent viewers, so there‘s a huge audience taking advantage of drops. I‘ve earned some really awesome skins like the Raven‘s Wing coating just by tuning into HCS tournaments and having my accounts linked.

Here‘s a step-by-step guide on how to set up Twitch Drops:

  1. Go to and ensure your Twitch account is linked under "Connections"
  2. Watch qualifying Halo streams on Twitch for the required amount of time
  3. Claim your free cosmetic rewards when they unlock!

Twitch will track your viewing time and automatically deposit skins into your Halo account – easy as that!

Play Limited-Time Events

343 Industries regularly runs limited-time events with free cosmetic rewards up for grabs by completing challenges and leveling up event passes.

For example, during the recent Winter Contingency event in December 2022, players could earn the Zeta Sky armor core, 4 armor coatings, and other cosmetics for free just by playing matches and gaining event pass XP.

I recommendation keeping an eye on Halo Waypoint and @Halo Twitter to stay on top of upcoming events and their free rewards. The Fracture: Tenrai event also gave away the Kabuto core and helmet attachment pictured below after reaching level 5 on the Tenrai pass:

Kabuto Helmet Attachment

Take advantage of these free armor sets when they roll around!

Upcoming Leaked Events

Based on leaks reported by gaming news sites like WindowsCentral, future events this year will include:

  • Fracture: Entrenched – Rewards eagle-themed armor core
  • Fracture: Shadows of Reach – Rewards SPI Spartan armor core

Stay tuned for awesome new free skins from these unreleased events!

Redeem Codes from Promotions

Another great way to score exclusive cosmetics is through brand partnerships that offer redemption codes when you purchase select products.

For example, Rockstar Energy had a Halo Infinite promotion where buying cans gave you codes for weapon charms, emblems, backdrops, and 2XP. Buying NERF‘s MA40 blaster unlocks the unique MA40 coating.

According to HaloDotAPI stats, over 135,000 players have redeemed the Rockstar Razorback Vehicle Coating code, so lots of people are taking advantage of these deals!

I recommend following @Halo on Twitter and checking Halo Waypoint to stay updated on new promotional offers. These are an easy way to get skins that aren‘t obtainable any other way.

Brand Qualifying Purchase Reward
NERF MA40 Blaster MA40 Weapon Coating
Rockstar Cans/12-pack Backdrop, Emblems

Battle Pass Free Rewards

For each season, Halo Infinite offers free armor customizations on the basic free track of the battle pass just by playing and gaining XP.

While you won‘t get the huge number of premium cosmetics, the free battle pass still has great unlocks:

  • Season 1 – Mister Chief armor core, multiple coatings
  • Season 2 – Rakshasa armor core, visors, stances

Playing during new seasons and slowly leveling up the pass earns you new armor, helmets, coatings, emblems, backdrops, and more over time.

I recommend using 2XP boosts from promotions and challenges whenever possible to speed up pass progression. Taking advantage of the free track unlocks will gradually build up your cosmetic collection.

Estimated Battle Pass Free Rewards

Based on stats from HaloDotAPI tracking player progress, here‘s an estimate of free items per season:

  • Season 1: 14 coatings, 5 visors, 1 armor core
  • Season 2: 7 coatings, 3 armor cores, 5 emblems

Not bad for just playing as usual!

Find Hidden Skins in the Campaign

This is a really cool way to get rare skins not available anywhere else – finding hidden Mjolnir armor lockers scattered across Zeta Halo in the campaign mode!

These collectible lockers contain exclusive coatings and skins as easter eggs for explorers. I‘ve used online guides to hunt down locations and score cosmetics like the Willow Tea coating.

Willow Tea Coating

Some of my favorite hidden skins from lockers so far include:

  • Sol Devil – Found near waterfalls north of FOB Golf
  • Midnight Griffin – Underneath FOB November
  • Crimson Vettel – Near aa large artifact north of FOB Alpha

Make sure to thoroughly comb each region and even revisit areas – there are dozens of awesome hidden cosmetics waiting to be found!

Sell Unwanted Items for Credits

Finally, you can convert unwanted cosmetic items in your collection into credits to then purchase new skins you really want.

Within the customization menu, select any coating, armor piece, stance, or other item and you‘ll have the option to sell it for credits ranging from 50 to 1500 depending on rarity.

I recommend regularly sifting through your unneeded skins and selling them. Over time, those credits really add up – giving you spending power for brand new drip!

Well, those are all my pro tips for acquiring free skins and cosmetics in Halo Infinite! Let me know if this guide helps you deck out your Spartan with new looks. Happy hunting out there, and see you on the Halo battlefields.