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The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Battlefield 2042 Free Trial

If you want to play Battlefield 2042 before deciding whether to buy, the good news is there are options to play for free! As an EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you can access a 10-hour trial. Xbox Live Gold members can also play during free weekends. Let me walk you through exactly how to get Battlefield 2042 free trial access.

Getting the 10-Hour EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Trial

The easiest free way to play Battlefield 2042 is to take advantage of the 10-hour trial EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can access.

Here‘s a step-by-step guide to downloading it on your platform of choice:

On Xbox:

  1. Turn on your Xbox and go to the Store tab.
  2. Search for "Battlefield 2042" and select the Standard Edition.
  3. You should see an option to install a 10-hour trial version if you have an active EA Play or Game Pass Ultimate membership. Select this.
  4. Once installed, launch the game and your 10-hour countdown will begin!

On PlayStation:

  1. Open the PlayStation Store and go to the Battlefield 2042 game page.
  2. Scroll down until you see the option to download a 10-hour trial with EA Play. Click this to install.
  3. Boot up Battlefield 2042 and start playing – your trial time will start counting down.

On PC via Origin:

  1. Install Origin if you haven‘t already and login with your EA account credentials.
  2. Search for Battlefield 2042 and go to the game page.
  3. Click the yellow "Try it First" button to download the 10-hour trial version.
  4. You can now launch the trial through Origin and begin your playtime.

Once downloaded, your 10 hours of Battlefield 2042 gameplay will start counting down from your first match, not from when you installed it. Make sure to take breaks so you can spread out your playtime. Any progress like unlocks and XP is saved if you purchase the full game later!

Why Take Advantage of the Free Trial?

Since its launch in November 2021, Battlefield 2042 has seen over million players join the fight and has sold copies. However, the game had a rocky start with widespread technical issues and missing legacy features that angered fans. The average review score sits at just ____ out of 100 on Metacritic.

While major updates have fixed bugs and balanced gameplay, more improvements are still needed. The 10-hour free trial lets you experience the current state of Battlefield 2042 to judge for yourself before buying. Leaning into the massive 128-player battles and tornadoes ripping across the map provides plenty of only-in-Battlefield moments!

Table 1: Key stats for Battlefield 2042 performance

Review average on Metacritic 64/100
Number of players on Steam Over 500k
Copies sold worldwide Over 4 million

Here are some tips to maximize your 10 hours with Battlefield 2042:

  • Try out the various multiplayer modes like Conquest and Breakthrough. See which you find most enjoyable.
  • Tweak your settings to achieve higher FPS for your rig. Turning down graphics can help.
  • Experiment with Specialists to find one that matches your playstyle best.
  • Hop into vehicle-focused maps to experience the chaos of naval and aerial combat.
  • Use proximity chat to communicate with squadmates for effective teamwork.
  • Focus on completing daily/weekly missions to unlock guns and attachments quicker.

Xbox Live Gold Free Play Days

Occasionally Microsoft treats Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to Free Play Days weekends, letting them play certain games free for a limited time.

Battlefield 2042 was included as a Free Play Days title from December 1-4, 2022. These weekends usually recur every 2-3 months for major titles, so watch out for more chances to play Battlefield 2042 at no cost in the future.

Just make sure you have an active Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription, then you can download and access the Free Play Days version of Battlefield 2042 during the event dates.

Free weekends are a great way to try out the full Battlefield 2042 multiplayer experience with all maps and modes unlocked. And remember – any progress carries over if you buy the game after!

Will Battlefield 2042 Have a Permanent Free Version?

Unfortunately, as of now there is no way to play Battlefield 2042 free indefinitely. The 10-hour EA Play trial and occasional Xbox free weekends are the only official options for gaining free access at this time.

However, EA could potentially release a free-to-play version down the road, perhaps restricting game modes or maps compared to the full version. For example, its previous title Battlefield Heroes offered a permanently free option.

Releasing a free-to-play model of Battlefield 2042 would likely result in an influx of new players, increased microtransaction revenue, and prolonged engagement. But EA has not officially announced plans for this yet.

I‘ll be sure to update this guide if any permanent free version of Battlefield 2042 gets confirmed! There are rumors of it happening in 2023 if player counts continue declining. But take any leaks with a grain of salt for now.

Stay Up to Date on Free Trial News

Make sure to follow Battlefield 2042 and EA‘s social media channels to get notified about any future free trial periods right when they are announced.

Also check Battlefield 2042‘s official website around major game updates, holidays, or the release of new content for free play weekends and other promotional offers.

Enabling notifications from EA‘s email newsletter provides inside access to deals as well. And referring to gaming news sites like IGN, GameSpot, and PC Gamer will give you a heads up on any free access announcements for Battlefield 2042.

Alright soldier, time to start prepping for your free trial. See you on the battlefield! Let me know if you have any other questions.