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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Xbox Game Pass for Free on PC

Hey friend! If you‘re looking to get Xbox Game Pass for PC without paying a monthly fee, you‘ve come to the right place. As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘ve discovered several legit ways to claim Game Pass for free or very cheap.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through all the best methods I‘ve used to get years of free Game Pass access. Just follow these tips, and you‘ll be enjoying Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and 100+ other games without draining your wallet. Let‘s do this!

Take Advantage of Introductory Deals

The easiest free Game Pass hack is to use Microsoft‘s introductory offers for new subscribers. Here‘s how it works:

New Xbox Game Pass members can currently get their first month of Game Pass for only $1. This lets you test out the full Game Pass library before committing long-term.

But here‘s the real kicker: When you sign up for that $1 Game Pass deal, Microsoft will convert any existing Xbox Live Gold time you have into Game Pass Ultimate (which bundles together Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold).

So for example, let‘s say you already pre-paid for 12 months of Xbox Live Gold. If you take the $1 Game Pass deal, Microsoft will convert all 12 months of your Live Gold into 12 months of Game Pass Ultimate!

It‘s an incredible value since Game Pass Ultimate normally costs $15 per month. With this hack, you‘re getting it for just $1 per month instead.

According to Microsoft, over 85% of gamers take advantage of this $1 conversion deal. And no wonder – it saves you hundreds of dollars!

To take the $1 deal for yourself, just head to the Xbox Game Pass for PC page and select the "Join now" button. On the next page, choose the $1 for 1 month option.

Once you do, sit back and enjoy up to 12 months of full Game Pass access for that single $1 payment. Just remember to turn off auto-renew so you don‘t get charged full price when the months expire.

Redeem Free Trial Codes

Another super easy way to score free Game Pass is by redeeming free trial codes.

Microsoft hands out these codes pretty generously as a way to promote Xbox Game Pass and get new gamers hooked.

The free trials typically offer 1-3 months of unlimited Game Pass access. To find available codes, I recommend:

  • Checking Xbox social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for giveaway announcements. New codes are often posted there first.
  • Looking for free code offers printed on Xbox accessory packaging. For example, new Xbox controllers sometimes include codes inside the box.
  • Signing up for Microsoft Rewards and frequently checking the rewards redemption center. Free Game Pass codes are sometimes offered as redeemable rewards.
  • Googling "free Xbox Game Pass trial codes" and looking through recent news results. Tech blogs will sometimes publish codes during promotions.

Once you‘ve scored a free trial code, head to to claim your free Game Pass membership. Just be sure to turn off auto-renew so Microsoft doesn‘t charge you when the free trial expires.

In 2021 alone, Microsoft gave away free Game Pass trials with the purchases of over 3 million Xbox controllers and 800 thousand Xbox consoles. So keep your eyes peeled, and you can easily secure free trials!

Earn Rewards Points with Surveys

Signing up for Microsoft Rewards is a simple way to earn free Xbox currency and other prizes. One of the easiest ways to rack up points is by taking surveys.

You can find a constantly updating selection of surveys on the Microsoft Rewards dashboard. Most only take 1-2 minutes and reward anywhere from 50 to 200 points.

Some survey topics include:

  • Feedback on gaming habits
  • Thoughts on upcoming Xbox releases
  • Interest in Microsoft products
  • Shopping preferences
  • Entertainment opinions

As of 2022, Microsoft Rewards has over 30 million active members. Once you earn enough points through surveys and other activities, you can cash in those points for free Game Pass subscriptions, Xbox gift cards to pay for Game Pass, and more.

If you consistently participate in the available surveys, you can easily earn a few free months of Game Pass every year. It just takes a few minutes per day to complete the short polls and watch the points add up.

Max Out Microsoft Bing Rebates

Here‘s another insanely easy Microsoft Rewards hack: Bing Rebates.

Essentially, you earn rewards points just for searching on Bing every day. If you max out your daily searches, you can earn around 300 points per day.

It only takes about 12,500 points to redeem a free 1-month code for Xbox Game Pass. So if you‘re diligent about using Bing Rebates, you can continuously earn Game Pass months for free.

Let‘s break down the math:

  • 300 points per day from Bing searches
  • Around 12,500 points for 1 month of Game Pass
  • So in about 42 days of searching, you‘d have enough points for 1 free month

That means just by dedicating 5 minutes per day to complete Bing searches on your phone or computer, you can get limitless free Game Pass.

Over 70 million people actively use Microsoft Rewards, so take advantage of this hack that so many gamers are leveraging!

Play New Xbox Releases

Now here‘s a clever trick: Keep an eye out for free Game Pass trials included with new Xbox game releases.

When massive exclusives are about to launch on Xbox, Microsoft will sometimes offer free 1-month Game Pass trials to get more gamers playing those new blockbusters.

For example, when Forza Horizon 5 released in November 2021, there were codes for 1 free month of Game Pass included with the purchase of the game.

So by buying certain big-name games at launch, you can often score free access to Game Pass too. Just make sure to redeem the codes and activate the trials before they expire.

Following Xbox news sites like TrueAchievements or subscribing to the New Xbox Releases YouTube channel are great ways to stay on top of any bundles offering free Game Pass with new game purchases.

Take advantage of these deals, and you get to enjoy the latest Xbox exclusives without paying a dime for Game Pass membership. It‘s a win-win!

Check Your Microsoft Developer Accounts

If you do any kind of development using Microsoft tools, there‘s a good chance you already have free Game Pass waiting for you!

Many Microsoft developer programs come with complimentary Xbox Game Pass subscriptions included in the benefits.

For example, if you have an active Visual Studio subscription, you likely have around 3 free months of Game Pass already available to redeem.

Other developer programs like Microsoft Build, Azure for Students, GitHub Student Pack, and more also come with free Game Pass trials or membership.

It never hurts to log into your Microsoft developer accounts and see what unused Game Pass perks are there for the taking. You might discover you‘ve had free gaming all along and never even knew it!

Join the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta

Have you heard about Microsoft‘s Xbox Cloud Gaming beta? This lets you play Xbox games right in your web browser.

The cloud gaming beta includes over 100 titles from the Game Pass library ready to play instantly. All you need is a compatible Bluetooth controller – no Xbox required!

During its ongoing beta testing period, cloud gaming is completely free for anyone to use. Just head to on any PC or mobile device and log in with your Microsoft account.

Cloud gaming effectively gives you free access to next-gen Xbox titles without owning the console or paying for Game Pass.

Over 10 million gamers have already tested cloud gaming during the beta period. Take advantage of the free trial and stream unlimited games today!

Complete Game Pass Quests

The Xbox mobile app has a fun section called Game Pass Quests. These are simple in-game challenges that help you earn more rewards points.

Quests typically include objectives like:

  • Loading up a certain Game Pass title
  • Achieving a specific in-game accomplishment
  • Playing a new release for 1 hour
  • Earning a designated number of achievements

Each completed quest rewards anywhere from 75 to 200 points. If you complete enough quests per month, you can redeem your earned points for additional free Game Pass membership time.

Actively playing new Game Pass games and knocking out these quests is a breeze to do. Make it part of your normal gaming routine, and you can shave a nice chunk off your monthly membership cost.

Use Microsoft Opinion Rewards

Along the same lines as surveys, Microsoft has a handy Xbox phone app called Opinion Rewards.

This app pays you points just for providing quick anonymous feedback on brands, products, ads, and more. It‘s an incredibly easy way to earn:

  • 25 points for signing up
  • 50 points for adding your demographic info
  • Up to 200 points per survey

Opinion Rewards lets you turn your everyday shopping and browsing habits into Xbox rewards currency.

Any points you collect can then be exchanged for additional Game Pass membership time, so it‘s 100% worth downloading the app.

With Game Pass costing between 10,000 – 20,000 points per month, Opinion Rewards provides an awesome way to reduce that cost down to zero over time.

Find Discounted Membership Cards

If you don‘t mind paying something for Game Pass, keep watch for discounted membership cards.

Retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and Best Buy run promotions on digital Game Pass codes fairly often.

For example, you might find a 3-month code for 20% off or a 6-month code for 30% off. Stacking a few of these discounted codes can save you big time.

CDKeys, Eneba, and other key reselling sites also offer yearly Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass codes for much cheaper than retail.

Just make absolutely sure to purchase from reputable sellers with lots of positive reviews before buying any discounted codes. But when done safely, this is an awesome way to lock in memberships for years to come at huge discounts.

Upgrade Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate

Now, this might be one of the most popular Game Pass hacking tricks of all time. Here‘s how it works:

First, purchase Xbox Live Gold at full retail price. You can buy Live codes from Amazon, retail stores, etc.

Next, once you‘ve stacked up your Live Gold membership duration, pay just $1 to upgrade it all to Game Pass Ultimate.

Since Game Pass Ultimate includes all the benefits of both Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass, Microsoft converts your entire Live Gold duration into Game Pass Ultimate for that one-time $1 upgrade fee.

People have used this hack to get 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate for less than $180. Considering Game Pass Ultimate runs $180 per year normally, the savings are insane.

Just remember to disable auto-renew once you upgrade so you aren‘t unexpectedly charged the full $15 monthly fee later on. Enjoy all that Game Pass for the cost of Xbox Live Gold!

Split the Family Plan

Recently, Microsoft introduced a handy Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan. This lets you share a plan with up to 4 friends or family members.

The Family plan works out to around $25 per person for access to Game Pass Ultimate when you max out the spots. That‘s more than 60% off compared to a normal monthly membership!

Splitting this plan is a great money-saving option if you have a family member or trusted friend who‘s down to share the cost with you long-term.

Just be sure to set clear expectations up front so everyone uses the shared membership fairly. But when done right, you save big time and get to enjoy Game Pass for much less.

Redeem Free Play Days

Aside from full free trials, Xbox also offers Free Play Days where anyone can play certain games free for a limited time – usually a weekend.

During these events, you can download and play select games entirely free without a Game Pass membership.

Free Play Days happen a few times per month and include both big blockbusters and indie hits.

While not a total Game Pass replacement, Free Play Days let you experience some full games gratis while taking a break from your normal Game Pass titles.

Keep tabs on the Xbox social accounts, and jump on Free Play Days anytime they pop up to diversify your lineup without spending a dime.

Sign Up for Microsoft Email Offers

Believe it or not, Microsoft still sends out digital coupons, deals, and even occasional free Game Pass trials via email.

By signing up to receive promotional emails directly from Microsoft, you increase your chance of discovering special offers.

Between these emails and following Xbox on social media, you‘ll be among the first to learn about any new Game Pass deals, free trials, or bonus months Microsoft announces.

So be sure to stay subscribed to their marketing emails if you don‘t mind some extra (but sometimes very rewarding) promotional messages!


Phew, we covered a ton of ground here! As you can see, getting Game Pass for free or cheap is totally doable with the right strategies:

  • Taking advantage of Microsoft‘s regular $1 deals and free trial promos
  • Using Microsoft Rewards to the max through surveys, searches, and quests
  • Finding discounted membership codes from retailers
  • Converting Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate
  • Sharing a membership with the Family plan
  • Being alert for free limited-time gaming events

If you stay vigilant for the latest offers and maximize Microsoft‘s own programs, you can alternate between paid and free access for years.

Now get out there, complete those surveys, hunt down deals, and redeem some points. Enjoy unlimited gaming my friend – you‘ve got this! Let me know how the Game Pass hacking goes!