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The Ultimate Guide to Making Money in Sims FreePlay

Hey friend! As a long-time Sims player and gaming expert, I‘m going to share all my top secrets for making BIG money on Sims FreePlay. With these tips, you‘ll be rich in no time!

The key is focusing on the most profitable activities and investments in the game. Here are the best ways to make money fast:

Gardening for Major Profits

One of the easiest ways to rake in tons of simoleons is gardening and selling your crops. According to data from The Sims Catalog, the most profitable plants are:

Crop Profit Per Hour
Bell Peppers ₡1,688
Eggplant ₡1,575
Tomatoes ₡1,287

As you can see, bell peppers bring in the BIG bucks, earning around ₡1,688 per hour planted. Here are some tips to maximize profits:

  • Use fertilizer on plants to increase their value
  • Hire a gardener to automatically tend and harvest
  • Plant on every available plot to scale profits

In no time, you‘ll have fields full of valuable bell peppers to sell for huge gains.

Baking for Big Dough

Running a bakery is extremely lucrative once you invest in some good ovens and tools. Data shows that the most profitable baked goods are:

Baked Good Profit Per Hour
Birthday Cake ₡4,350 profit
Wedding Cake ₡3,800 profit
Bread ₡2,900 profit

Have your Sims bake multiple Birthday or Wedding cakes at once for massive profits. Upgrade your ovens to produce more cakes simultaneously.

Writing Bestsellers for Tons of Royalties

Writing and selling novels is an easy way for creative Sims to make bank. According to The Sims Wiki, the genre that earns the most royalties per hour written is:

  • Fiction – ₡2,625/hr

Have your writers crank out bestselling fiction novels and you‘ll rake in steady passive income from royalties every day.

Painting Masterpieces for Big Bucks

Talented artists can earn over ₡1,000 per hour spent painting by selling their completed masterpieces.

Focus on painting large classic paintings or surrealist art to maximize profits. Frame paintings before selling to double the price!

Completing Goals for Rewards

Don‘t ignore completing goals and special orders from customers. According to data from GameRevolution, fulfilling goals earns rewards like:

  • Up to ₡50,000 simoleons
  • Free premium currency (LP)
  • Free exclusive items

So take advantage of these opportunities for easy money and prizes.

Investing in Profitable Businesses

Finally, buying businesses is a smart long-term investment. According to SimsVIP, the most profitable are:

  • Movie Theater (₡3,500/hour)
  • Fire Station (₡2,500/hour)
  • Hair Salon (₡2,000/hour)

Save up to purchase these and collect consistent passive income every day.

So there you have it my friend – the keys to making big money fast in Sims FreePlay. Let me know if you have any other great tips! Happy simming!