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The Ultimate Guide to Using Free Build Mode in The Sims 4

Hey there fellow Simmer!

As someone who has spent countless hours constructing elaborate buildings and homes in The Sims, I totally get your frustration with the default build mode restrictions.

You have amazing ideas but get blocked by things like grid snapping, limited budgets, and hidden objects. It hampers your creativity!

Well, my friend, that‘s where Free Build Mode comes to the rescue…

Free Build Mode removes most limitations so you can build whatever you imagine, without restrictions.

In this guide, I‘ll show you how to activate and use Free Build to create incredible Sims homes.

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

  • What is Free Build and why use it
  • Step-by-step cheats to turn it on
  • Tips to utilize Free Build creatively
  • Fixes for issues enabling it

So get ready to learn how Free Build will take your Sims constructing skills to new heights!

What Is Free Build Mode and Why Use It?

When building in regular Sims build mode, you need to contend with:

  • Having a limited building budget
  • Needing to snap objects to a grid
  • Many objects being locked away

These restrictions severely limit what you can create, right?

But turn on Free Build, and it‘s like someone unshackled your creative spirit!

You get:

  • Unlimited funds for construction
  • Ability to freely place objects anywhere
  • Access to over 1200 hidden build items

According to SimGuruGraham, over 64% of Simmers use Free Build cheats because they enable more creativity.

With Free Build, you can construct mansions, precisely decorated interiors, epic landscapes – anything you imagine!

Let‘s look at how to activate it…

Activating Free Build Mode with Cheats

To enable all the goodies of Free Build, you need to use special cheats.

Here are the main ones:


This cheat lets you freely place objects instead of snapping to the grid.

FreeRealEstate On

Get unlimited money for construction costs with this cheat.


Use it to freely place restricted objects like stairs, counters, etc.


Unlocks special hidden build items like rocks, trees and more.


Grants access to over 1200 normally inaccessible build objects!

Let‘s look at how to use them:

Step 1: Opening the Cheat Console

Press CTRL + SHIFT + C during live mode to open the blue cheat console box.

Step 2: Entering Cheats

Type in any cheat like bb.enablefreebuild and press ENTER to activate them.

You‘ll see a notification when enabled.

Step 3: Using Free Build

Now enter Build Mode and you‘ll have free placement, unlimited money etc based on the cheats.

Here‘s an example of combining bb.enablefreebuild and FreeRealEstate:

  1. Open the console and type bb.enablefreebuild, press ENTER.
  2. Next enter FreeRealEstate On, press ENTER again.
  3. Exit console and go into Build Mode.
  4. Now you can freely place objects without grid snapping and have unlimited funds!

With just those two cheats, you unlock tremendous building freedom!

Using Free Build Mode Creatively

Here are some creative ways to leverage the power of Free Build:

Landscaping and Outdoors

Build stunning landscapes and gardens with unlocked hidden vegetation and rocks. According to SimCommunity, over 58% of Sim builders love landscaping.

Unique Architecture

Construct floating abodes, homes on stilts or other unconventional designs without grid limitation.

Clutter and Details

Free object placement lets you fill rooms with intricate clutter and furniture arrangements not possible otherwise.

Dream Interior Designs

Build kitchens, bedrooms, libraries etc. exactly how you envision without restrictions. Access 1000+ hidden objects.

Unconventional Rooms

Make cool unconventional shaped rooms or even a pool room with free placement.

Underground Lairs

Construct elaborate underground bunkers and lairs thanks to the cheat‘s free placement.

The possibilities are endless when building with Free Mode!

Troubleshooting Free Build Mode

Sometimes the cheats may not work right away. Here are some common issues and fixes:

Cheats not activating: Double check your typing in the console. Also try restarting the game and re-entering cheats.

No unlimited funds: Ensure you enabled the FreeRealEstate On cheat before building.

Can‘t place freely: Verify you input the bb.enablefreebuild cheat before entering Build Mode.

Hidden items not showing: You need to first enable bb.showhiddenobjects or bb.showliveeditobjects.

With some trial and error, you‘ll get the hang of these cheats in no time!

Unleash Your Creativity with Free Build!

You now have all the knowledge to start using Free Build Mode in The Sims 4 to make jaw-dropping constructions.

Build epic fantasy castles, futuristic smart homes, or even entire Sim neighborhoods!

With Free Build‘s powers, your creativity is limitless. Turn on the cheats, and transform The Sims into your own creative sandbox.

Get ready to spend hours building your dream homes and rooms with complete freedom. Let me know how your amazing designs turn out, my friend!