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The Valorant Americas Player’s Association Calls Out Riot Games and The Guard

The Valorant Americas Player's Association (AVPA) has expressed disappointment and frustration with Riot Games and The Guard after both parties made a decision without consulting the players or the association. Riot recently announced that The Guard would not be allowed to join the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Americas, citing missed deadlines for paperwork. Additionally, Riot stated that the league would not expand to 11 teams for the upcoming season, but would continue with 10 teams.

The news came as a surprise to many in the Valorant community, including the players on The Guard, who found out about the decision through social media. The AVPA released a statement expressing their concerns, emphasizing that the executive council was not informed about the situation. They criticized the sudden change, stating that it could lead to job losses and devalue the hard work of the teams aiming for promotion.

The AVPA believes that a solution can be found by involving the players or a third-party organization that would honor Riot's commitment to expanding the VCT and rewarding challenger teams. Taylor ‘Tailored' Broomall, the Program Manager for the AVPA, stated that they will push Riot to address the issue and find a resolution. The AVPA has presented several potential solutions to Riot in their efforts to rectify the situation.

In response to the AVPA's statement, some individuals have suggested that the players go on strike, similar to the League of Legends Champions Series Player's Association's strike earlier this year. The strike was a result of changes in the Tier 2 system. While it remains to be seen if a strike will occur in Valorant, it highlights the frustration and concern among players regarding these types of decisions made without their input or involvement.

It is essential for organizations like Riot Games to engage in open communication and collaboration with players and player associations to ensure a fair and inclusive competitive environment. The AVPA's call for transparency and participation serves as a reminder that players' voices should be heard and respected in the decision-making process.

– Declan McLaughlin, “Valorant Americas Player's Association calls out Riot Games and The Guard,” (no URL provided)