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The Wayfinder Team Makes Progress on Server Issues

The Wayfinder team has been hard at work over the weekend addressing various issues that arose during the Early Access launch of the game. Players attempting to log in were experiencing ongoing disconnects and database instability, while others were unable to join queues due to a disappearing queue bug.

However, the team's efforts have not been in vain. They recently announced that they have resolved the disappearing queue issue and are now able to accommodate up to 10,000 concurrent users. Although a database software upgrade was initially attempted to further increase capacity, it was ultimately unsuccessful and had to be rolled back. The team has proposed an alternative fix but has not been able to successfully test it at this time.

Despite the challenges, the Wayfinder team remains committed to improving the game and providing a better player experience. In a statement on their official Discord, the team expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and assured players that they are dedicated to getting things into a better place as quickly as possible.

In addition to their efforts to stabilize the servers and address capacity issues, Airship Syndicate, the developer of Wayfinder, has announced that players will receive compensation for the downtime and server instability encountered during the Early Access launch.

While there is still work to be done, the progress made over the weekend provides optimism for the Wayfinder team and players alike. With the servers now stable and players able to enter the game smoothly, Wayfinder is on its way to resolving the early access launch issues and providing an improved gameplay experience.

– Article: The Wayfinder team continued to work on stabilizing the servers and increasing capacity over the weekend.
– Source: Wayfinder Discord post