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Third-Party Developers Will Get 100% Revenue for Epic Games’ Exclusivity

Epic Games, the popular video game company, has announced a groundbreaking initiative called the “Epic First Run” program. This program aims to revolutionize the video game industry by offering third-party developers the opportunity to receive 100% of their game's revenue in exchange for exclusive sales on the Epic Games Store.

Traditionally, revenue from game sales is shared between developers and publishers, with publishers typically taking a larger share. However, Epic Games is challenging this model by prioritizing the interests of developers and their employees. By guaranteeing 100% of the revenue, Epic Games hopes to empower game creators and foster the development of high-quality projects that are driven by creativity rather than solely profit.

The program will be available from October 16th, 2023, and will last for a period of six months. During this time, any game that participates in the program will be exclusively available on the Epic Games Store, with sales on competing platforms such as Valve's Steam Store prohibited. This exclusivity period is crucial for developers, as it is when most fans eagerly purchase new releases or discover them for the first time.

However, it's important to note that developers are not restricted from selling through their own digital stores or platforms like Humble Bundle or GOG. This allows developers to maintain some control over their distribution while still benefiting from the program's revenue guarantee.

In addition to the financial benefits, developers who participate in the program will also have the opportunity to increase their exposure through “Relevant Store Campaigns” and prominent featuring on the Epic Games Store main page. This exposure can greatly contribute to the success and visibility of their games.

Overall, the “Epic First Run” program is a bold move by Epic Games to challenge the industry's current revenue-sharing model and give more power to developers. It will be interesting to see which developers and games will accept this offer and how it will shape the future of the video game industry.

Source: Epic Games