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TikToker Fooled Players with “Exclusive” Squidward Skin in Fortnite

A TikToker has recently fooled players into believing that an exclusive SpongeBob SquarePants collaboration featuring a Squidward Tentacles skin was on its way to Fortnite. The user, known as wateryshoe, posted a video showcasing the supposed Squidward skin, claiming to be the only person in the world with access to it.

Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this is not an official Fortnite skin. The Squidward model appears to have been ripped from another game and modded into Fortnite. While it's unlikely that wateryshoe intended to deceive players and simply wanted to showcase a funny modded skin, the lack of clarification led to confusion, with many believing it to be a legitimate upcoming collaboration.

However, it's highly unlikely that Nickelodeon, the owner of the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise, would allow its characters to be portrayed with realistic-looking weapons in Fortnite. While Fortnite has had numerous crossovers with different franchises, the inclusion of characters from a kids' TV show with violent elements seems improbable.

For those looking to experience a SpongeBob fix within an Epic Games title, Fall Guys featured SpongeBob character skins during its Season 3 update last year. Additionally, players can explore various SpongeBob mods available for Fortnite, which have become popular memes within the community.

Although the Squidward Fortnite skin may not be an official crossover, Fortnite continues its trend of collaborating with numerous franchises, making it one of the most diverse games on the market. While it's always exciting to speculate about potential crossovers, it's important to differentiate between modded content and official collaborations to avoid confusion among players.


– Original Article: Fortnite’s latest crossover has Squidward getting the battlefield he deserves
– Image: Screenshot from TikTok video by wateryshoe
– Definition of mods: Modifications made to a game by users to alter its features or appearance.