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Timing Issues and Lack of Preparation Plague LEC Teams Ahead of 2023 World Championship

Multiple competitive League of Legends leagues around the world are approaching the end of their seasons, with teams gearing up for the highly anticipated 2023 World Championship. However, in Europe, the LEC has yet to commence its final regional tournament of the year, the 2023 LEC Season Finals. With only six teams left battling for a spot at Worlds, fans are concerned that the new schedule for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region does not allow sufficient time for rest, preparation, and travel before international play begins.

The LEC implemented a new three-split system, with the 2023 Summer Split concluding on July 30th, where G2 Esports emerged victorious against Excel Esports. Although this timing wasn't problematic for the players, Riot Games inserted a three-week break between the Summer Playoffs and the Season Finals, causing a potential disruption in preparation. The Season Finals are scheduled to begin on August 19th and last until September 10th.

While this timeline poses no major issues for the top three LEC teams, the fourth seed will have limited time to prepare for their series against the fourth seed from the LCS (North America) in the Worlds Qualifying Series. The Worlds Qualifying Series will determine which team represents their region in the Play-in Stage of the tournament.

In contrast to their LEC counterparts, the LCS fourth seed, the Golden Guardians, were recently eliminated from playoff contention. This grants them ample time to bootcamp, scout opponents, and practice new strategies. However, the LEC's fourth seed will not be determined until September 2nd, leaving them with little time to prepare for their series against the Golden Guardians.

This issue echoes a similar problem encountered earlier this year, with the Spring Playoffs concluding just a week before the start of the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational. MAD Lions had only nine days to prepare and travel to London, where they were ultimately defeated by T1 and G2. Fans hope that changes will be made to the schedule to allow teams more time between events, enabling them to rest and strategize effectively. It may require experimentation and adjustments from Riot, but fans and competitors alike are optimistic that a balanced solution can be found for the future of the league.