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Toast Interactive Expands into VR Platforming with Max Mustard

Toast Interactive, the Australia-based studio known for their popular VR experience Richie's Plank Experience, is venturing into new territory with their upcoming release Max Mustard. This VR platformer combines elements of both first and third-person gameplay, making it a surprising departure from their previous work.

Max Mustard showcases the studio's ambition and attention to detail right from the start. The game features stunning visuals and takes inspiration from other VR platformers like Astro Bot, Moss, and Lucky's Tale while striving to establish its own unique identity within the genre.

Unlike their previous title, Max Mustard is not simply aimed at satisfying existing fans. It is a passion project that showcases Toast Interactive's commitment to creating quality experiences. While it remains to be seen how much crossover there will be between fans of Richie's Plank Experience and Max Mustard, the studio's dedication to pushing boundaries is evident.

The VR platforming genre is at a turning point, with different approaches being explored. Max Mustard falls into the category of integrating the traditional third-person platforming format into VR. It introduces simultaneous first-person elements that affect the world around the protagonist. This gameplay mechanic adds depth and interactivity to the platforming sequences.

Max Mustard also challenges traditional platforming assumptions by giving value to collectible coins, which can be spent on upgrades between levels. The dynamic third-person camera moves with the protagonist, providing a more immersive perspective. The game also offers mid-level power-ups and mini-game rounds to enhance the overall experience.

With Max Mustard, Toast Interactive aims to create an engaging and visually stunning VR platformer. The game's beautiful art direction signals a step-up from their previous work. While it remains to be seen if the 40-level campaign will hold interest and offer enough challenge, the game's initial impression is compelling.

This exciting departure from their previous work demonstrates Toast Interactive's commitment to growth and innovation as a creative team. Players can anticipate the release of Max Mustard on VR platforms early next year.

– Toast Interactive (Developers of Richie's Plank Experience and Max Mustard)
– YouTube (Max Mustard trailer)