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Top 5 Counters for Cho’Gath in League of Legends

Cho'Gath can be a formidable champion to deal with in League of Legends, but there are several champions who can effectively counter him both in the laning phase and throughout the game. Here are the top five counters to beat Cho'Gath this season:

Fiora – The Giantslayer

Fiora is a strong counter to Cho'Gath due to her ability to quickly shred through his health bar. Her vitals deal significant damage and provide sustain that can negate Cho'Gath's sustain from minions and monsters. Additionally, Fiora can easily dodge Cho'Gath's abilities and even parry his ultimate with perfect timing. In the laning phase, focus on denying him experience and minions while scaling to your items. In the late game, Fiora can easily chunk Cho'Gath's health and he won't be able to retaliate.

Gwen – The AP Version of Fiora

Gwen is another champion who excels at countering Cho'Gath. She needs time to scale and get her core items, but once she does, she can become a major threat to Cho'Gath. During the laning phase, farm safely and prioritize lane control. As Gwen, you'll gradually gain the upper hand in trades, especially if you can deal true damage with your abilities. With Gwen's slows and dashes, you'll be able to stick to Cho'Gath and prevent him from escaping.

Dr. Mundo – The Battle Between Tanks

Dr. Mundo is an effective counter to Cho'Gath because he can consistently chunk Cho'Gath's health with his Q, which deals damage based on current health. Dr. Mundo also gains sustain as he becomes tankier, while Cho'Gath can't counter it effectively. During the laning phase, focus on harassing Cho'Gath with your E and denying him CS. Make sure to ward to avoid ganks and maintain a safe laning phase.

Kled – The Underrated Counter

Kled is an underrated counter to Cho'Gath, particularly in the early game. Kled's Q has anti-healing, and he can easily engage Cho'Gath whenever he goes for last hits. Kled has strong itemization options against Cho'Gath, such as Ravenous Hydra and Blade of the Ruined King. Wait until your second item spike to consistently win trades against Cho'Gath. If you fall behind, prioritize helping your team rather than trying to 1v1 Cho'Gath.

Sylas – The Versatile Counter

Although not a traditional top laner, Sylas can effectively beat Cho'Gath throughout the game. Sylas has mobility to engage or disengage from Cho'Gath's abilities, making it difficult for Cho'Gath to hit him. Sylas also has burst damage and sustain with his W, allowing him to outtrade Cho'Gath. Additionally, Sylas can steal Cho'Gath's ultimate, gaining feast stacks and becoming a tanky AP bruiser with burst potential.

These champions provide effective counters to Cho'Gath in various stages of the game, allowing you to dominate the top lane and secure victory for your team.