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Top Support Picks for Solo Queue in League of Legends Patch 13.18

League of Legends is a constantly evolving game, with meta shifts and regular adjustments made by Riot Games. With each new patch, certain champions rise in popularity and viability while others fall. As we approach the World Championships, one professional player, Erik “Treatz” Wessén, has shared his top support picks for the current meta in Patch 13.18.

In a recent Twitter post, Treatz named Senna, Rakan, Rell, Alistar, Blitzcrank, and Soraka as god-tier supports for solo queue in this patch. These champions have proven to be strong choices and are expected to remain unchanged for the upcoming Patch 13.19, which means they will likely continue to dominate as the best support options.

A notable addition to Treatz's list is Senna, who received buffs in the last patch, making her a force to be reckoned with. The removal of her Critical Strike Ratio Reduction, along with the added bonus of AoE souls from her W ability, has significantly increased her damage potential.

While this tier list provides a solid group of champions for support players to consider, it's important to note that it's not a one-size-fits-all situation. Counter-picking and selecting a support that synergizes well with your ADC are crucial strategies for success. Nonetheless, having these god-tier supports at your disposal should make your experience on the Rift much more enjoyable.

Interestingly, Yuumi, the magical cat champion, was placed in a league of its own—far below any other support on Treatz's list. This is supported by data from stats site U.GG, which shows Yuumi currently holding the lowest win rate among all supports in Patch 13.18.

As a support main, Treatz's top picks are sure to excite many players. Senna, in particular, synergizes well with champions like Jhin, Sivir, and Ashe in this patch. So, if you're looking to dominate your opponents in the bot lane, it may be worth giving these top support picks a try.

Source: Hayley Andrews

– Patch: A new version of the game that includes balance changes and updates.
– Meta: The most effective strategies and champion picks within the game's current state.
– Viability: The usefulness and effectiveness of a champion in the game.
– Solo queue: Playing the game alone, without a premade team.
– Buffs: Enhancements to a champion's abilities or attributes to make them stronger.
– Nerfs: Adjustments made to weaken champion's abilities or attributes.
– ADC: Attack Damage Carry, a role in the game focused on dealing sustained physical damage.